Hot Issues 04.20.17 | 08:18AM EDT

GFRIEND, TWICE and CNBLUE are confirmed to be appearing in KCON USA.

TWICE To Perform At KCON USA 2017

CNBLUE & TWICE Among K-Pop Artists To Perform In KCON New York This Summer

Hot Issues 04.07.17 | 05:06AM EDT

KCON NY & LA 2017 will be held on July-August. TWICE and CNBLUE is the first line-up to perform in the biggest Korean art and culture convention.


Hallyu Ban Doesn’t Stop Chinese Company From Plagiarizing TWICE’s Concept

Hot Issues 04.04.17 | 03:33AM EDT

TWICE's fans are furious over a Chinese ad that blatantly copies TWICE's photo concept for "Knock Knock".

TWICE members showed their faces without maekup to greet fans goodnight.

TWICE's Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jungyeon Showed Their Bare Faces Without Makeup To Greet Fans Goodnight

Trending News 03.30.17 | 12:44PM EDT

Three members of TWICE showed their faces without makeup on "Naver V App Live Broadcast" to greet fans. Read more about their interaction with fans here!

Super Junior

K-Pop Idols Who Were 'Born With Silver Spoons In Their Mouth': TWICE's Tzuyu, 2PM's Nichkhun, and More

Buzz 03.24.17 | 04:05AM EDT

There are K-pop idols in the Korean music industry who were born to a wealthy family, such as: 2PM's Nichkhun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Siwon, and the list goes on.


TWICE’s “Knock Knock” Marks 9th Win and Grabs Prestigious Triple Crown in SBS’ “Inkigayo” Charts

Trending News 03.22.17 | 05:54AM EDT

TWICE may have carried out all their promotions, but it looks like they are not done yet with the sweeping music show charts and won in SBS's "Inkigayo" by garnering a total of 9421 points, exceeding their score during the previous week.

GFRIEND vs TWICE: Friendly Rivalry Unveiled

GFRIEND vs TWICE: Friendly Rivalry Unveiled

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 05:05AM EDT

GFRIEND and TWICE, are two of the hottest girl groups in the K-pop industry. Now, they battle each other, but with a friendly twist to it.

TWICE To Perform At KCON USA 2017

TWICE's MV For 'Knock Knock' Breaks Own Record Again With YouTube Views

Hot Issues 03.20.17 | 01:31PM EDT

After previously getting 60 million views for about 30 days after the release of MV "TT," recently TWICE has just broken their own record for having the same views just in 28 days. Check out more here!

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook Secretly A TWICE Fan? Actor Does Famous ‘TT’ Dance & Fans Went Nuts! [WATCH]

Hot Issues 03.16.17 | 12:40AM EDT

Actor Lee Dong Wook does famous 'TT' dance by TWICE and fans went totally nuts!

TWICE, Nayeon

TWICE’s Nayeon Was Accused Of Being Mean Towards Fans & Members For This Particular Reason

Hot Issues 03.15.17 | 06:12AM EDT

Nayeon's facial expression gained a lot of misinterpretation from netizens. People on the internet accused her of being mean towards fans and fellow TWICE members.

TWICE's fandom ONCE official logo finally revealed, showing a cute candy bong.

Finally TWICE's Fandom Official Logo Revealed With Cute Candy Bong For Once

Hot Issues 03.14.17 | 06:07PM EDT

After previously make the name ONCE official, TWICE finally showed the official logo for their fandom.


Jihyo of TWICE Undergo Knee Checkup, Will Take a Break from Group Activities

Trending News 03.14.17 | 06:02PM EDT

Jihyo of TWICE will be taking a break from doing promotions for a while because she had knee pains and had a thorough checkup at a hospital.


TWICE Once Again Pluck Another Trophy For 'Knock Knock' on The SBS MTV’s 'The Show'

Trending News 03.08.17 | 11:47AM EST

TWICE has plucked another trophy for “Knock Knock” in the Mar. 7 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show.”


These Girl Group Members Were Caught Fangirling Over Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Hot Issues 03.08.17 | 05:12AM EST

Taeyeon is more than just a pretty face. The SNSD front-woman has a lot of quality that everyone just loves.

BTS, EXO And TWICE Eyes For New Market After Being Banned In China

BTS, EXO And TWICE Eyes For New Market After Being Banned In China

Hot Issues 03.08.17 | 04:08AM EST

BTS, EXO And TWICE has indeed moved on after being banned in China. Now it eyes a new market.

Nayon and other members of TWICE were fan-girling over Taeyeon.

TWICE's Nayeon Was Recorded Fan-Girling Tayeon On 'Inkigayo' Backstage

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 10:45AM EST

Nayeon and Sand were reported to be huge fans of Taeyeon. Recently, all the members of TWICE were fan-girling Taeyeon on "Inkigayo" backstage.

TWICE To Perform Live For The 1st Time In Singapore With 1st World Tour “TWICELAND’

TWICE To Perform Live For The 1st Time In Singapore With 1st World Tour “TWICELAND’

Hot Issues 03.04.17 | 09:09AM EST

Not only that TWICE will be splitting themselves into a 3-unit team with each team putting up a special performance that will showcase each member's unique charm and characteristics.

Park Bo Gum attends the 2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala honoring Robert Irwin and Kathryn Bigelow presented by Gucci at LACMA on October 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Park Bo Gum Tops Forbes Korea Power Celebrities of 2017

Hot Issues 02.28.17 | 02:52PM EST

Park Bo Gum is today's most influential Korean actor! He topped other celebrities in Forbes Korea's Power Celebrities of 2017.

TWICE got 1 million likes on Youtube for their song MV

TWICE Got 1 Million Likes For 'TT' Catching Up 'Boombayah And 'I Got A Boy'

Hot Issues 03.01.17 | 07:16AM EST

TWICE has set another record by getting 1 million likes on YouTube for their MV "TT." They are the third girl group to reach 1 million likes after Blackpink and Girls Generation.

Top Idol Groups For February

Top Idol Groups For February: BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet Claim The Top 3 Spots

Trending News 02.28.17 | 02:50PM EST

A recent study reveals that BTS, TWICE, and Red Velvet have made it to the list of the most successful idol groups on February.


BTS Bounces Back With M! Countdown Win After Gaon Chart 'Plagiarism' Controversy

Headlines 02.24.17 | 06:55AM EST

BTS won over Red Velvet in their first performance of new singles "Spring Day" and "Not Today" on music show M! Countdown. Gaon Chart executives apologizes for lapses leading to BTS and Big Bang stage controversy.

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