Dec 05, 2011 | 21:05 PM EST

Former Jewelry Member, Ha-rang Jo, Opens Showcase, Resumes Official Activity!

Ha-rang Jo, who previously was an active member of Jewelry, announced a new digital album and opened a showcase, resuming her activity as a singer.

Ha-rang's record company revealed that she has come back to her fans as a singer after 1 year and her showcase will take place on the 8th at Club Holic in Seoul's Gang-nam area. Her digital album, which includes two songs, is planned to be publicly released before this, on the 7th.

Former Jewelry member, Ha-rang Jo, uses the stage name, Mina Jo, and receives much adoration from her fans due to her singing ability and outstanding beauty. Ha-rang expressed her desire to show off her talents without regret and pump energy into the Korean music world through her solo comeback.

Ha-rang's comeback has already been a topic of conversation through her mini homepage and twitter. On November 28, along with a self-picture of herself at her album cover photoshoot, she posted the words, "Nearing the end of this eventful 2011 year, I dream of taking off. My heart swells and flutters. Let's always live like we're just beginning." The picture, called "doll self-picture" by netizens, is creating much conversation. The picture gives off a very alluring, yet sexy, mood and is adding fuel to her fans' interest and anticipation toward her comeback.

Netizens are showing much interest in her comeback, posting comments such as, "The doll self-picture is so pretty," "I'm curious of what type of concept the album will have," and "I want to see it soon."

This coming December 8, when Ha-rang officially resumes her activity with her showcase, people will be looking to see whether her performance will heat up the 2011 winter music world.

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