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Jun 05, 2017 | 10:23 AM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In’s Confession About Joo Ji Hoon’s Friend & Mental Illness Outraged Netizens

Brown Eyed Girls member, Son Ga In recently revealed some pretty surprising facts about her battle with mental illness and marijuana. However, netizens within K-Pop communities thought that her remarks on Joo Ji Hoon's friend, who once offered her marijuana, might drag the actor into more serious problems.

Ga In posted her confession on Instagram on June 4. The singer shared a screenshot of her conversation with Joon Ji Hoon's friend, Park Jung Wook. According to Allkpop, Ga In opened her message by saying she's dating a man (Joon Ji Hoon) who used to be a junkie. She then proceeded to reveal that although Joon Ji Hoon has recovered from drug addiction, his friend still tempts him and Ga In to try out marijuana.

Ga In confessed she almost fell into the trap, especially with her current state of mind. Fortunately, she managed to get herself together. Ga In concluded her message by warning everyone who wants to put her life in jeopardy to stay away.

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However, netizens don't seem Ga In's confession in Instagram is appropriate since she dragged her boyfriend, who has been struggling with addiction, back into his dark past. Some people even worried that Ga In's confession would lead Joo Ji Hoon as well as his friend to another legal issue.

Yet, Ga In doesn't seem to care about all the criticism as she wrote: "I don't need to shoot ads, I don't care about my image. I have enough money for me to use and eat until I die. I'm going to voluntarily take a drug test every three months," Soompi reported.

Ga In admitted she's been taking morphine to help her recover from mental issues. All these posts and shocking revelations that Ga In made took place after repeated malicious comments and rumors that eventually caused her to suffer anxiety and depression. 

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