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Jun 05, 2017 | 11:55 AM EDT

Ga In Talks About Mental Insanity And Marijuana Issues

Just recently, Ga In took the opportunity to share out her life to the public. She did this by taking it to her Instagram account and posting a screenshot of one of her conversations with Park Jung Wook, who is one of her boyfriend's friends.

In her post, she then placed a comment explaining the truth behind her post. In the screenshot photo that she posted in her Instagram account, Ga In says that she is dating a man who has previously been a drug user. She also says that his boyfriend is now living a changed life. Surprisingly, Ga In reveals that his boyfriend's friend, Park Jung Wook, had offered her marijuana.

According to All K-pop, the K-pop idol says that the marijuana offer was really very tempting because she wasn't really mentally stable during that time. She then says that she doesn't regret taking it because she is currently using morphine instead, which is legal.

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Surprisingly, Ga In says that the next time someone offers her marijuana, she threatens them that they are going to die. To conclude, Ga In says that all of the things that she pointed out and share din her Instagram post isn't nearly close to one tenth of the full story regarding the issue. With this, one can clearly see how Ga In hates marijuana and anything that is illegal. This shows that she is really on the good side and will do her best to not let someone mess with her.

She then says that nothing will go right if someone messes with her. The K-pop idol even calls herself as a "crazy b*tch".

With all of these being said, let's hope that Ga In is in safe hands now. Let's wish for the best in her personal life and career. She has a lot of potentials to once again take the world by storm.

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