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Jun 09, 2017 | 12:07 PM EDT

Latest Updates On BigBang's T.O.P Suspected Drug Overdose, K-Pop Idol Now Conscious

Reports have it that Big Bang's T.O.P has finally come out from his slumber. It is reported that T.O.P is now awake after being rushed to the hospital when he was found unconscious due to a suspected drug overdose.

According to All K-pop, the mother of T.O.P visited him in the hospital at exactly 12:30 PM on June 8. The reason behind this is that his mother wanted to check on his son. After the mother of T.O.P visited him, she was then asked by the media regarding the current status of his son. The mother then replied that T.O.P is already doing better now.

She was then asked if T.O.P made eye contact with him or if he had recognized her. Her mother then swiftly replied yes. However, she immediately left leaving the other questions unanswered. With this, it can obviously be seen that T.O.P is not doing better because according to his mother, he is now awake.

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According to The Quint, it is worth noting that T.O.P was reported to have been caught smoking marijuana. With this, many people are led to believe that the reason behind him becoming unconscious is because he was taking in illegal drugs.

Before T.O.P enlisted in the military, he had already been accused of smoking the illegal drug, marijuana. He was even caught at his house in October of last year. He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital now. For now, what his doctors can say is that they are doing the best of what they can to ensure the safety and security of T.O.P.

Hopefully, he gets back to normal and heals as soon as possible. There are millions of fans not only in South Korea but throughout the world as well, who are waiting for his comeback in the K-pop entertainment industry.

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