Jun 16, 2017 | 15:29 PM EDT

G-Dragon Hits Back At Gaon Chart For 'Kwon Ji Yong' USB Issue, Says Company Is Missing The Point Of Making Music

Amid the debate on whether G-Dragon's massively successful "Kwon Ji Yong" should be counted an an album even though it was released in USB form, the BIGBANG leader used his Instagram to speak up about the issue in a very personal message. He also took a dig at Gaon Chart for refusing to accept his album as a legitimate release and questioned the basis on which the company made its judgement.

In his post, G-Dragon questioned how people whom he doesn't even know were able to easily judge what counts as an album. While he did not directly name Gaon Chart on his post, he said that the company was missing the essence of creating and releasing music. He said that the packaging and form is a moot point that people need to get over.

"The most important thing isn't the external packaging or the attractive design, but the music, which can be listened to by anyone, anywhere, where my voice has been recorded: my songs," G-Dragon emphasized. He further said that what stays with the listeners is the great melodies and the great lyrics, not anything else. 

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It comes as no surprise that G-Dragon would take the matter personally since "Kwon Ji Yong" which uses the BIGBANG leader's real name is his most personal album to date, which allows fans a glimpse of the person who is Kwon Ji Yong and not the flamboyant superstar G-Dragon they have come to know in the last decade. He even wrote the lyrics to all the songs included in the album and collaborated on YG's best talents in terms of composition and production. Some fans observed that G-Dragon even changed his caption several times before deciding on his final one, indicating that the artist thought long and hard before stating his position on the matter.

It can be recalled that Gaon Chart disqualified G-Dragon's "Kwon Ji Yong" from it's count of album sales citing that it does not count as an album due to its release in USB form. Gaon further cited that the USB also doesn't contain the tracks but rather links in which to download the songs using a special key.

In its statement, YG Entertainment aired their reaction to Gaon Chart's position and explained why they opted to go with a USB for G-Dragon's album.  They said they have no issue with how Gaon Chart counts album sales, but rather their old way of thinking that cannot keep up with the current generation. YG said that they are more interested in new music and how to adopt the new world. 

Fans are backing G-Dragon all the way and said that they willingly spend $30 not because of how the BIGBANG leader's album is packaged but because they are paying for his music. G-Dragon recently kicked off his "Act III: MOTTE" World Tour in Seoul which is expected to his final concert series before enlisting for the military next year. 

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