Sep 26, 2017 | 21:50 PM EDT

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Open Up About Filming For 'While You Were Sleeping'

From cutting her hair short to even jumping off the edge of a building, Suzy and her co-star Lee Jong Suk have been receiving a lot of attention for their new drama 'While You Were Sleeping.' Now, the two shared some fun stories in an interview and discussed the filming process together.

During the September 26 broadcast of SBS's 'Night of Real Entertainment,' both Suzy and Lee Jong Suk stated the fun they had alongside the dangers they experienced filming for such an action-packed drama. Suzy's short hair was quite a hot topic, and she stated that, "It's my first time [with hair this short] since my debut so [it's been] about seven years. I tried a new style, so it was cool, but a lot of people around me were worried for me." Don't worry Suzy, we love it!

Suzy even revealed that she performed her own stunts this time around saying, "I watched the stunt actress filming and thought I could do that so I did it myself." Fans wondered if Lee Jong Suk was just as brave and even began asking Suzy what she thought of the actor to which he replied, "I'm excited to hear what she has to say."

Suzy ended the interview charmingly saying, "When it's an important or serious scene, he is able to focus immediately which was different from what I thought... he's a good actor." Are you excited to see just how well these two performed in the drama? Check out their interview down below and get a sneak peek of their chemistry in their trailer! 'While You Were Sleeping' is set to air tomorrow (Sep. 26th)!

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