How Much Does it Cost to Dress Like BLACKPINK Lisa in Her Bvlgari Ad Outfit? K-Media Outlet Reveals Total Price

BLACKPINK Lisa surprised fans with her ethereal beauty in Bvlgari's BZero1 ad, where she proves she's a fashion icon, clad in luxurious outfit and diamond jewelry.

Curious about her outfit's overall price? Read on!

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram)

On July 16, the Korean media outlet Money Today took a closer look at BLACKPINK Lisa's outfit in her new Bvlgari advertisement - which costs a whopping price of approximately 80 million won (70,000 USD)! 

BLACKPINK Lisa Flaunts Modern "Cleopatra" in Latest Bvlgari Photos: How Much Does it Cost to Dress Like The Superstar?

Lisa, the main dancer of BLACKPINK showcased her status as a luxury brand's global ambassador with her sophisticated fashion outfit.

On the 12th, the Thai-born K-pop idol posted two photos on her Instagram, with the caption, "Celebrating the new @ Bvlgari #BZero1" along with hashtags #DreamandDare and #ad.

Lisa graced her followers with her long, straight, and black hair styled with her iconic full bangs in the photos released. With her hairstyle, the idol embodied modern "Cleopatra" vibes.

As for her outfit, Lisa was wearing a black dress with jewelry straps and a bold diamond necklace and ring to highlight the ensemble. Her makeup then completed the look, flaunting a deep-shaded eye color, dark eyeliner, and nude-colored lips. 

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram)

With her dreamy yet daring fashion outfit, the Korean media outlet then released the total price of the whole outfit for those aiming to dress like Lisa.

Starting with her elegant black dress, the "Hira Embellished Dress" was made from Gauge81, an Amsterdam-based fashion label. The dress features a bold design that extends from the side of the chest to the back, which price is about 500,000 won.

To make the whole look more elegant, Lisa matched her black dress and hairstyle with a diamond necklace and ring from the jewelry brand Bvlgari, to which she is active as a global ambassador.

It was then revealed that Lisa wore a 7.19 carat set diamond necklace and a 2.45-carat white gold ring, which cost a whopping price of 60 million won and 24.3 million won, respectively! 

Overall, BLACKPINK Lisa showed off an outfit that amounted to 84.8 million won in total. 

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BLACKPINK Solo Debut (Finally!) Coming This Summer

Aside from being a fashion icon, Lisa is also ready to dominate the K-pop stage with her outstanding performance skills.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram)

Recently, YG Entertainment confirmed that the female superstar will soon debut as a solo artist this summer. The agency said, "Lisa is scheduled to shoot a music video for her new song this week."

The schedule is yet to be announced but the agency stated that the star is continuously working on her comeback set to be released in the second half of 2021.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram)

This is the third solo album to be released after Jennie and Rosé among BLACKPINK members, and not only fans but also the entire music industry are paying attention to Lisa's solo album, following the success of her co-members.

YG Entertainment added, "It is true that Lisa is filming a music video, but we will tell you the details related to her solo debut through official data later."

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