YGX Dancers Praise BLACKPINK Lisa’s Dance Skills and Work Ethic

Following the release of BLACKPINK member Lisa's debut music video for "LALISA," the YGX dancers who are promoting alongside her uploaded a video reacting to the video. Keep on reading to see what they had to say about Lisa!

BLACKPINK Lisa Earns Praise for Her Dance Skills and Work Ethic From YGX Dancers

Following the release of BLACKPINK member Lisa's "LALISA" music video, the YGX dancers who are working as Lisa's choreographers and backup dancers released a video of them reacting to the video.

In their video, the dancers sat down and shared interesting behind-the-scenes stories about Lisa and BLACKPINK.

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Thanks to their stories, viewers better understand BLACKPINK's talents and silent efforts to achieve their global success.

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RammG is a dancer who has worked with BLACKPINK ever since their debut, meaning she has been with the girls for five years. When talking about Lisa, RammG praised Lisa for her ability to digest the song, saying, "She has a good understanding of the song, dance, and expressions. Her gestures are always on point. I am so happy for Lisa's solo because I think she showed everything she wanted to show."

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RammG congratulated her successful solo debut.

Lee Jung, who choreographed "LALISA" and also directly taught the idol the choreography, also spoke up about her experience with Lisa. She revealed that when she taught Lisa, she was surprised that she did not face any difficulties.

Lisa is a quick learner, with Lee Jung saying that even if she only goes through the guide once with Lisa, the latter remembers it right away.

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She added that when Lisa comes in the next day to practice the choreography, she does not forget the moves. When Lee Jung asked Lisa to do some freestyle dance, Lisa surprised the choreographer by performing perfectly. She agreed with RammG that Lisa's movements are always on point!

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Male dancer BK added that it was not only Lisa who is extremely commendable and admirable but BLACKPINK as a whole. They noted that the girls practice so much that even when the choreographers and backup dancers leave, BLACKPINK will continue to stay and practice more. He credits this as a reason as to why the girl group has achieved international stardom.

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Check out YGX's video here:


On September 10, 2021, YG Entertainment released BLACKPINK member Lisa's debut single album "LALISA." Upon the album's release, "LALISA" sold 330,129 copies, according to the Hanteo Chart.

In addition, prior to the album's release, it was reported that "LALISA" broke the record for the highest number of pre-orders for a single album among female K-pop soloists, selling 700,000 pre-order copies within four days.

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By the day of its release, "LALISA" sold 800,000 pre-orders.

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Following the release of "LALISA," Lisa made her debut performance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

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