YG Entertainment's WINNER Set To Debut In Japan

Following YG Entertainment's new rookie group WINNER's debut in Korea, the entertainment company announced that the boy band will be heading to Japan for their first official solo overseas debut.

WINNER will be releasing their Japanese album titled "2014 S/S - Japan Collection" on September 10 and is scheduled to hold a "high-touch" event for their growing fan base on August 27 and 28.

The five-member idol group will then launch their first solo concert in Japan on September 11, a day after their Japanese album's release. The K-pop group will be performing at venues in major cities in the country, including Tokyo, Nagoya and Namba.

WINNER made its debut a year after the members won YG Entertainment's survival program titled "WIN: Who is Next." The new group is the first YG boy group to debut after the popular K-pop group Big Bang, which came onto the scene back in 2006.

Before its debut, WINNER performed at Big Bang's 6th Japanese tour titled "BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013~2014," performing for a total of 771,000 people. The boys were also included in the lineup for the "YG Family World Tour 2014 - POWER - in Japan" where they performed for 210,000 fans.

WINNER was able to hone its performance skills before they made their official mark in the K-pop world by holding mini concerts in Osaka and Tokyo for a total of 6 performances.

The members will also be able to experience the "a-nation island & stadium festival 2014 powered by injelly" on August 29 along with Big Bang, who will reportedly be headlining the show.

The boys of WINNER have proven that they're different from the pretty boy K-pop group that fans are already so accustomed to and they seem to know that they're quite different from others in their industry.

"We all participate in producing, working with songs, and we really put it out there for the group to decide, say, if a song is one we want to release. We incorporate our honest feelings and thoughts - the depth of it is different if someone else makes your song for you, versus being involved yourself as writer," stated member Kang Seungyoon during an interview with Vice.



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