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[Interview] Producer & DJ Flash Finger Is Bringing New Beats To K-EDM

By Adrienne Stanley | August 28, 2014 08:08 AM EDT


Flash Finger was present at KCON 2014 to introduce U.S. audiences to the newest sounds in Korean electronic dance music.

Flash Finger is a versatile artist who is a DJ, producer, and keyboardist in the group BeatBurger.

Through his use of SoundCloud, Flash Finger keeps fans throughout the world keyed into the pulse of Korean music.


His work with BeatBurger provides insight into the infusion of EDM in the music of SM Entertainment. Recently, BeatBurger Project released a track featuring Eunhyuk of Super Junior. During our interview, Flash Finger hinted at more exciting projects to come.

 Korean electronic dance has started to reach international audience. Why do you think K-EDM is growing in popularity? 

In Korea, EDM is still on the starting level is still working towards growing. There is no specific reason why it is beginning to grow in popularity, other than the fact that it is mixed with K-Pop.

Do you think music festivals like Ultra Music have helped with the international spread of EDM? 

Outdoor music festivals like Ultra have helped introduce EDM to more people. People who have never heard EDM will come to the festivals and hear it for the first time. Their interest will grow after this.

Do you find it more difficult to entertain audiences as a DJ than as part of Beatburger?

They both on the same level. At Beatburger, I am a producer, as well as a performer. I play the keyboard for Beatburger. As a DJ, I have to make up the remixes and play them, as well. Despite how hard it is, I enjoy it as my job.

You are a performer who regularly uses Soundcloud to reach out to fans. How do you choose what is going to be uploaded to Soundcloud? 

Right now, I am working on uploading rock music and other types of music that the listeners enjoy. I decide based on what the listeners like.

How would you describe your music to someone who may not be familiar with it?

I describe EDM as something you can only experience with your body. It is a personal experience.

What were your expectations for KCON 2014? Have you been surprised about the diversity of the attendees? 

I didn’t know exactly how popular K-Pop was until I got here. I know how much an influence it has become in the U.S. Now, I am thinking of producing K-Pop music of my own. I will also start remixing K-Pop more for international audiences.

I am very touched by how many different people of all ages and races there are here, who love K-Pop. In Korea, K-Pop is mostly for younger people and not older. I am touched to see so many people enjoying it. It is an experience.

K-Pop idols like G-Dragon, Taeyang, and EXO have started to incorporate EDM into their pop releases. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any K-Pop artists you would like to collaborate with? 

BeatBurger is already working with SM Entertainment. Some of their artists that I would like to work with include SHINee and TVXQ. Right now, I am going with the flow and producing, but I would like to make K-Pop of my own. When I saw G-Dragon perform at KCON [last night], I thought his performance was amazing. If it is possible, I would love the opportunity to meet him and develop a working relationship with him.

 Can you tell me about any of your future plans? Are there any festivals that you are most interested in performing at, in the future? 

I will be performing very soon in Singapore and Hong Kong. Every year, I have performed in the Korean music festivals and I would like to attend any foreign festivals like KCON [as a producer and musician]. Electric Daisy Carnival would be cool.

Thank you to Flash Finger and his management for providing Kpopstarz with the interview opportunity at KCON 2014.  

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