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So Ji Sub Turns Fan Meeting Into Club At 'Let's Have Fun In Singapore'

By iReporter Team | August 31, 2014 02:20 PM EDT


On August 22, So Ji Sub held his last fan meeting in Singapore at, to which he described as "saving the best for the last".

Let's have fun with So Ji Sub started with a video compilation of drama scenes that So Ji Sub acted in for the past 18 years. A well-built figure then appeared, greeted the fans by bowing to them, and followed by an introduction and Q&A session hosted by DJ Ken Low from UFM 100.3.

Moving on to the next segment to explain "Why You Cannot Marry So Ji Sub", comedian Jung Joon Ha made a special appearance in the video and brought out laughter from audience with his comical appearance.

In the video, Jung Joon Ha acted as So Ji Sub's 'girlfriend' named Nora who felt that it is a bad idea to marry So Ji Sub and listed out her reasons.

Reason 1: I will be fat if I get married to So Ji Sub. 

(You are not allowed to go on diet.)

Reason 2: I can't talk a word if I get married So Ji Sub. 

('Go away' is So Ji Sub's favorite phrase in the recent drama 'Master's Sun'. He will ask you to 'go away'.) 

Reason 3: I will see blood everyday. 

(There are many fighting scenes.)

Reason 4: The gym will take So Ji Sub every night. 

(He works out frequently in the gym.)

Reason 5: Our baby must look like Yoo Seung Ho 

(Their baby must be good-looking.)

Reason 6: I have to fight with all women if you get married to him 

(He is every woman's ideal type.)

However, So Ji Sub appeared at the last part of the video saying "I will not get married with Nora.. I just can't, because I'm already married to you (referring to the fans)." Upon hearing that, all the fans screamed with excitement.

The Q&A session continued with the host asking So Ji Sub whether he will get married. He expressed he may feel lonely or become depressed if he does not get married, and turned the question around to his fans asking if they would want to see him being alone. The fans said they would all support him get married and having children. He was very happy upon hearing that but he revealed that he is not in the 'right position' to get married yet.

Next up was the interactive Q&A session with fans, alternating the questions using video recordings by So Ji Sub and the fans on-screen.

Out of the few questions from fans, one of the video question was from Korean boy band, ZE:A. "At the first sight, which part of the girl will you look at? Face or body?" Initially, he refused to choose and emphasized that character is more important than the appearance. After being asked by the host to select one, he said the eyes of the girl. He added by saying that one's eyes are able to speak about themselves.

Questions that So Ji Sub posed to fans, allowed the fans to get to know the 'real' So Ji Sub. "There was once when I was in the shower and I suddenly thought to myself. Where do girls start washing themselves while they shower?" he asked, making the fans laugh excitedly upon hearing the question.

He then continued by giving tips on how to wash your hair in the correct way, "I don't know why I'm even saying this but when you wash you hair, you should shampoo it well and then leave it on your hair for five minutes before washing it off.".

The next question from So Ji Sub to the fans was "What kind of skinship do you like the best with your boyfriend: Holding hands, linking arms, cuddling or a back hug?" The host then posed back the same question to him. He pondered and said, "Reading while lying on my girlfriend's lap, falling asleep and waking up to her face."

The last question from So Ji Sub was the easiest for the fans to answer, "Do you want this ring?" as he showed the ring on his pinky finger. The first segment ended with one lucky fan being chosen to receive the ring that he had personally customized. The other fans that got chosen to answer his other questions, were given an autographed handkerchief that So Ji Sub had prepared.

"Who Is Coming, Why Do They Like Me?" A touching video was shown with So Ji Sub returning on stage with a book 'The Reader' where he read out his heartfelt words. He then disappeared into the darkness after the emotional and touching moment.

He reappeared, this time with shades, bringing out his rapper side with the performance of "Picnic" from his "6PM...Ground" single album.

The lights dimmed and the large screen came to life again. So Ji Sub appeared on the screen expressing about his thoughts of his 18 years acting career.

"People are getting more curious about me" In the video, he stated that he did not expect himself to be so famous when he first started acting. Now, he is so famous that more and more people are curious about him.

He also revealed that he did not want to be called a 'star' in the beginning. However, he wants to be called a 'star' rather than an 'actor' now. He feels so grateful that he has his fans with him that made him shine like a star. "Actor is a star. I'm thankful for my fans, because of them, the star is shining. Actors can't act without fans. They are nothing without fans"

The screen thereafter showed the first 30 seconds of his music video "Boy Go" from his new released single album, ending with "A man is trying to get back as a boy. Do you want to come with me?".

With that, Soul Dive and DJ Juice appeared, turning the whole venue into a club. Upon seeing So Ji Sub transform into a hip-hop musician, the fans all stood up and threw their hands up to the air, cheering loudly. The fans were screaming at the top of their lungs while jumping around and waving their hands to the beat. He performed, "Ruler""Such A Story", "Eraser""AOAOA""Pick Up Line""Boy Go", and "You Are In My Fantasy" which certainly whet the fans' appetite for more.

So Ji Sub ended the show on a high note with two encore songs.

All the fans who attended the fan meeting, received a sincere and thankful hi-five/handshake from the star of the night after the fan meeting. It was a memorable evening for So Ji Sub and his fans. He has touched hearts of those in the audience with his sincere and candid personality that evening.

Special thanks to Fast Track Events Pte Ltd for inviting to cover So Ji Sub- Let's Have Fun In Singapore.

Writer: Carmen Tan | Photo Credits: Fast Track Events Pte Ltd

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