Beyonce Record Sales Increase 1,400% Post VMA Performance: Did Jay Z Marriage Rumors Help The Singer?

There's no question that Beyonce stole the show at last week's VMA's with her powerhouse performance. The singer's high-energy 15 minute medley of her entire recent self-titled album had everyone talking, and it looks like it got a lot of people purchasing too. The diva's album sales have increased by a whopping 1,400% since the show - a much larger jump than any other artist saw after that night. Could the intense public focus on the singer's personal life and marriage have something to do with making her the indisputable biggest star in the industry right now. 

Aside from the tremendous vocal skills, flawless dance moves and spectacular visuals incorporated into the singer's set, the most memorable part of Beyonce's appearance that night was right after she performed, when husband Jay Z came onstage with their two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, to present her with the Michael Jackson VIdeo Vanguard award. The star embraced and kissed them both, and the rapper congratulated his wife, calling her "the greatest living performance." The display of love and support between the two of them looked like somewhat of a rebuttal to the rampant talk of impending divorce that has been surrounding the couple. 

Speculation over her marriage has kept Beyonce in the news almost as much as her work as an artist lately. Could the public's fascination with the singer's personal life be part of what's drawing fans to her music. Almost immediately following the VMA's, the stars father and former manager, Mathew Knowles, gave an interview in which he suggested that the rumors were manufactured by the couple in order to sell albums and concert tickets. He even went as far as to hypothesize that the infamous "elevator incident," in which Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z, was staged. The Knowles patriarch hasn't worked with the singer professionally since 2011, so even he probably doesn't have any way of knowing whether or not his theory is true, but he might be onto something. Whether intentionally encouraged by the couple or not, the intense scrutiny surrounding Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage very well may have boosted the singer's record sales. 

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