Album Review: 2PM Delivers Jazzy Party Tracks On 'Go Crazy!' [AUDIO]

On September 15, JYP Entertainment's 2PM released their fourth album “Go Crazy!” “Go Crazy!” is an eleven track album, with Korean versions of the previously released songs “I'm Your Man” and “Beautiful.”

"Go Crazy!" is the follow up to the 2013 Korean studio album "Grown." Fans of the group have eagerly anticipated the unified return of members Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, and Jun.K.  

The album opens with the whimsical dance track “Go Crazy!” “Go Crazy!” sets a playful tone for the album, which helps to elevate the song above many of the other tracks on the release.

“Go Crazy!” is a party anthem, along the lines of “Hands Up.” 2PM member Jun.K was heavily involved in the creation process of the track “Go Crazy!” with lyrical, musical, and production credits.

“Like Tonight” is more down tempo than “Go Crazy!” One of the distinguishing qualities of 2PM remains the ability of the group to seamlessly harmonize. The cohesiveness of 2PM is made readily apparent on “Like Tonight” with its inclusion of a rap break and complex melodies.

One of the quirkiest standout tracks on “Go Crazy!” is the Swing and jazz influenced song “She's Ma Girl.” The musical accompaniment for “She's Ma Girl” makes the song a creation which is truly delightful to listen to. “She's Ma Girl” evokes images of a sultry jazz club, which is populated by the elegant men of 2PM. “She's Ma Girl” would be a comfortable fit if the track was included on a musical or K-Drama soundtrack.

The tone of “Go Crazy!” shifts as the album transitions from “She's Ma Girl” to “Mine.” “Mine” delivers the album into the territory of '90s inspired R&B, with lyrics by Chansung and Taecyeon. The track channels the sound of artists like Michael Jackson, in a unique and infectious way.

“Awesome!” is the fifth track on “Go Crazy!” marking the midpoint of the album. The down tempo nature of the track is contradictory to its title. While the tempo of “Rain is Falling” is similar, the track incorporates the soulful trademark sound of 2PM.

The jazzy musicality incorporated on “She's Ma Girl” appears on the track “Boyfriend.” “Boyfriend” also employs the entrancing vocals of 2PM in an aurally pleasing fashion. “Pull & Pull” is a track which ushers in the conclusion of the album, with succinct and full bodied soul.

“Goodbye Trip” is a disco-influenced electronic dance track which helps to reinforce the party atmosphere of “Go Crazy!”

“Go Crazy!” concludes with the Korean versions of “Beautiful” from the 2013 Japanese release “Legend of 2PM” and “I'm Your Man.” “I'm Your Man” was second Japanese single from 2PM, the song was also released on the 2011 Japanese studio album “Republic of 2PM.” Both tracks are given new life through their Korean language release, providing testimony to the musical power of Park Jin Young.

Listen to the new 2PM album “Go Crazy!” HERE.

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