'Young Gwang's Jane' Jang Woo Lee confesses "I Can't Survive Without Min Young Park" Despite Hard Slap!

Being scolded, even slapped, only creates deeper love for Jang Woo Lee.

On the episode of KBS 2TV's Wednesday Thursday Drama 'Young Gwang's Jane' (Written by Eunkyung Kang, Directed by Jungseob Lee) aired on Decemeber 8th, there was an appearance of In Woo (Jang Woo Lee) confessing "I can't live without Jane!"

As suggested by Jane (MinYoung Park), InWoo goes agains JaeMyung (Changmin Song) stating how he will no longer be lashed out at. At the moment Inwoo stops JaeMyung's arm as he is about to take his swing, he steps away with fear. As InWoo expresses pity towards JaeMyung, JungWook (SunKyung Kim) starts to feel anger.

Blaming InWoo's change as Jane's fault, "All because someone without fortune enters our home. Get out of my house now!" InWoo responds with "If Jane leaves, I leave. Without her I can't survive." JungWook says "What have you done to InWoo? What did he do that he acts this way?" Even though InWoo gets slapped, he continues to stare at Jane.

However, Jane did not lose her composure. She points out that InWoo's actions were disrespectful and states "Tell her you are sorry." Jane states that she feels compassion towards InWoo not feelings towards him as a man. Near the middle of the drama, Jane and Young Gwang (Jung Myung Chun) are shown to hiding their true feelings towards each other.

Photo Credits: KBS 2TV 'Young Gwang's Jane' Capture



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