Jaebum Park's Look-Alike Appears on 'Big Serenade'

Jaebum's look-alike has revealed himself. 24-year-old college student Young Jae Joo is that person.

Young Jae Joo revealed himself on December 7th's episode of Cable TV Mnet's "Serenade Great Operation" in order to confess about his sanguine temperament leading to his separation from his ex-girlfriend.

When this man who is asked if he is Jaebum Park more than 10 times a day entered the study MC Hongchul Noh, HanGroo and all of the audience could not hide their surprise.

Especially, guest JiHye Lee said they should check whether he has the same six-pack as Jaebum Park as well. YoungJae Joo provided evidence when he he showed off his six-pack.

This day, Young Jae Joo showed off his powerful serenade of Wheesung's 'Story of a Cold Heart' that he prepared for his ex-girlfriend. The performance was amazing with the help of JiHye Lee and Tim.

If you would like to watch Jaebum Park look-alike's serenade, check out the episode airing at midnight on December 7th.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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