U-Kiss Give Fan Club ‘Kiss Me’ A Taste Of Moscow During European Tour

The members of boy group U-Kiss have officially begun their European tour.

The idol group will be performing at the Izvestiya Hall in Moscow, Russia and will continue on to The Forum in London before showcasing their last performance at La Cigale in Paris, according to the Korean publication Osen Entertainment.

Before the performance at the Izvestiya Hall on September 22, the six-member K-pop group was spotted visiting major tourist attractions in the area.

The members posted a group photo of themselves standing in front of the St. Basil's Cathedral on their official Twitter account, with the caption, "This is Moscow! We've arrived. We're so excited to perform at the first location of our tour in Europe. We're uploading a picture for our fan club, Kiss Me!"

Social media users in Korea expressed their support for U-Kiss, writing, "Have a successful European tour."

Despite the success of the group, U-Kiss made headlines earlier in the summer for becoming the first male group to be banned from being broadcast for "inappropriate choreography" by all South Korean networks, according to the website sbs.com.

"We were just informed that the current choreography is unfit for broadcast and that it must be altered. We are currently in the middle of changing the dance routine," a representative for the boy band stated.

U-Kiss has completely changed their concept for their recent mini album "Mono Scandal," going from boy-next-door to sexier, more provocative material. U-Kiss vocalist, Kevin Woo, recently took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the controversial video, according to the media outlet Examiner.

"I'm part of a group and sometimes being a part of a group and working in the entertainment industry means I don't always have full creative freedom to do things how I wish. This inner conflict that I deal with as a K-Pop artist and group member applies to this situation," wrote Woo.

He added, "I personally do not believe in the behavior portrayed in our music video 'Quit Playing', and the characters we had to portray in this music video were not the characters I chose. I would like to apologize to our fans and viewers who might have been offended by the material in the music video and choreography." 

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