It's Not Only T-ARA! Other Idol Groups are No Exception

As the T-ARA controversy gains more momentum and more attention, industry insiders say that it's not news to hear that popular idol groups are going through growing pains with internal fights and bullying incidents that may be occurring within the groups. Their reaction was that this particular controversy is rare because it came up to the surface.

One insider revealed, "Whether it's male or female, the idol groups who live and breathe together have bullying incidents where they will purposefully exclude a new member or a more "popular" member from their meals or get-togethers and some will take sides in order to get the position of group leader."

One male idol group had divisions of whether you were raised by the management or whether you auditioned to be in the group and the members often bullied each other but got closer when they suffered such bad press and criticisms. One girl group was involved in lawsuits because the group divided into a faction that wanted to leave or a faction that wanted to stay with the management company.

Insiders said that it was impossible to have groups who spent all waking hours together not get involved in rumours of internal conflicts.

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