Jo In-sung picked figure skater Yuna Kim as his ideal girlfriend

On December 7, actor Jo In-sung did a corner called ‘Ideal Girlfriend Worldcup’ on Channel A Korean Talk ‘Show King’. This day, there were 16 celebrity candidates, such as, actress Go Hyun-jung, Ha Ji-won, Son Ye-jin, singer Hyori Lee, BoA, Girls’ Generation Yoona, but he picked gold medalist figure skater Yuna Kim.

Jo In-sung picked Go Hyun-jung between herself and Jun Do-yeon then Yuna Kim between herself and IU, then Ha Ji-won between herself and Song Ji-hyo, and Wonder Girl’s So-hee between herself and Miss A Suji.

Then picked Lee Bo-young between herself and Kim Ha-neul, then Girls’ Generation Yoona between herself and actress Son Ye-jin, then BoA between herself and Hyori Lee, then Shin Min-ah between herself and actress Kim Sa-rang. The last four celebrities standing was Secret Garden’s Ha Ji-won, BoA, Girls’ Generation Yoona, and Yuna Kim. Out of these four celebrities, he immediately picked Yuna Kim.

The reason he chose Yuna Kim was because “There are times when I do not like my own acting and get mad at myself. During those times, I bite my lip and still act, but when Yuna Kim falls while she skates, she just stands back up in the ring and does it again”.

Then MC actress Kim Soo-mi says, “Yuna Kim and Jo In-sung should have a drink together”, making the people around laugh.

MC Kim Soo-mi has been close with actor Jo In-sung for 9 years. His appearance on the show, ‘Show King’ was very surprising yet fun to watch. 

Jo In Sung
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Yuna Kim


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