Miss A Suzy shares a love this winter

In the beginning of the year, Miss A Suzy successfully opened her acting career with KBS drama ‘Dream High’ is now getting ready to go on the big screen with movie, ‘Introduction to Architecture’.

‘Introduction to Architecture’ is about a girl asking her first love that use to take introduction to architecture classes with her in college to remodel her old house. Miss A Suzy is the 20 year-old music major freshman named ‘Seo-yeon’.

Miss A Suzy filmed her portion of the movie in Seoul while other actors filmed at Seoul and Jejudo. Even through her busy schedule, Suzy bought and handed out hand lotion to the staff of the film.

The filming crew thought of Suji’s gift as a generous gesture and thanked her. Suzy will debut in her first movie, ‘Introduction to Architecture’ in mid-2012. 

miss A
Introduction to Architecture


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