Wardrobe Inspection: A K-Pop Halloween!

Halloween is but a week away and many already have a plan for what they are going to dress up as. If you're having trouble deciding what costuime to go with, try going as some of your favorite K-Pop idols! There is a wide variety of concepts that have been released and here are just a few to give you some Halloween inspiration.

Glass in your skin, white ‘X’ contacts, and needles galore. If you’re really aiming for that creepy factor for your costume then VIXX’s “VOODOO Doll” is definitely the route you need to go.

If you are looking for a costume that’s more on the theatrical side, you may want to try checking out the looks in SunnyHill’s “Midnight Circus” and Block B’s “Jackpot”. Both music videos have circus themes yet offer moments of classy styles as well. Though "Jackpot" is predominently circus based, there are still various looks to be tried in many parts of the music video.

Looking for a throwback? Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” is the perfect look! This classic retro look will have you doing a time slip this Halloween. There's options between a cute Wonder Women, a sneaky flasher, or just good old retro.

Still not your style? Well look no further, detective! SHINee’s “Sherlock” has got you covered. If you’re looking for some mystery this Halloween, the detective look never goes out of style. For this particular outfit, make sure you’re equipped with your thick framed inspector glasses and a good old fashioned magnifying glass.

Western Cowboy has also been becoming a hotter topic since the release of Super Junior’s “MAMACITA”. But there are some other idols that have also turned heads in their Wild West attire including B1A4 for "Good Night" and 4Minute's sub-unit 2YOON's debut song, "24/7".

While some of us like the whole “costume” look, others may want to go for something a bit more uniform. Here’s a few uniform looks that you can execute alone or with a group of friends. These outfits include, army, navy, and even school uniforms.

Here is a song that will forever be a classic; Girl’s Generation’s, “Genie”. When it comes to uniform Kpop looks, then there’s no way this look is going to be left out. Whether it’s the entire navy uniform get-up or the simple sailor that they performed live in; Take your pick!

F(x) – Red Light

f(x) rocks the army print pattern in their music video for “Red Light” giving off a more fierce style.
BTS and EXO’s school boy look are also some themes to try-out!

There’s no forgetting the classic boy scout uniform that A-JAX rocked for their “Snake” music video. If you’re going for a younger look, this is definitely one of the suggested trails.

For those of you who want to go for the classic witch look, let 2NE1 help make it look more elegant using their “It Hurts” music video as a guide. 2NE1 pose seemingly as modern day witch complete with spider web earrings and mystical pendants.

If you aren’t looking for anything creepy, nor uniform or even a detective; rather you’re looking for something just plain out there; have no fear, Orange Caramel is here! Dressing up as one of Orange Caramel's funky and colorful trends!

As a bonus for those who want to look amazing this Halloween but don’t have all the resources, go as Primary! Just spray paint a perfectly cubed cardboard box, attach the face pieces and dress yourself down in some dapper attire. If the box is too much, the replace it with some tinted black shades and a ivy cap to become Zion.T! Done!

Which costume are you planning to go for this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Voodoo Doll
Red Light
Block B
Sunny Hill
Super Junior
Wonder Girls
Tell Me
Orange Caramel
My Copycat


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