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'Music Core' Showreel: TaeTiSeo Wins On The October 11, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | October 12, 2014 01:33 PM EDT


Another week of 'Music Core' is here and featured performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were BTOB with "You're So Fly," Raina made her solo debut with "You End, And Me," Red Velvet said "Be Natural" for their return, Boyfriend with "Witch," Jung Dong Ha sang his ballad song "If I," Mad Town yelled "YOLO," TOXIC made their comeback with "Deja Vu," Lee Ye Jun returned with "I Can't," and Nam Young Joo made her debut with "Fragile and Kind."

Your nominees for the night were Ailee, TaeTiSeo, and Soyou & Urban Zakapa who battled for the first place trophy. The winner for the October 11th episode was TaeTiSeo for their single titled, "Holler." Congratulations to them!

All this being said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps


After School member Raina made her solo debut yesterday. Raina sang her new single titled, "You End, And Me."

TROY's Kanto is featured in her new song. Kanto acts as the boyfriend who does the break up and Raina is the acting girlfriend. The message of her song is about a woman who thinks that she will never get dumped and has found Mr. right. Raina sings with her great voice and expresses the emotion of the song.


BTOB made their comeback on 'Music Core' and performed their hip hop single titled, "You're So Fly." The stage was decorated like a mini mart where there are convenience stores.

The prices are marked down fifty percent off. BTOB wore colorful outfits for their performance yesterday. Once again, they performed with lots of energy and charisma.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet made their comeback on 'Music Core' yesterday. The ladies performed their single titled, "Be Natural."

Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Joy wore burgundy suits. Red Velvet are true professionals and doing a great job with this concept. Red Velvet can now do both mature and happy concepts.


Boyfriend made their comeback and performed two singles on 'Music Core' yesterday. For their first performance, Boyfriend sang a little of their single titled, "White Out." Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo showed their cute side for this performance.

After "White Out," the guys performed their main single titled, "Witch." The guys showed their dark side and wore a leopard colored blazer and black pants. Boyfriend are showing that they can do both a cute and dark concept. Are you loving Boyfriend's new single?

Mad Town

New male group Mad Town who is in the same record label as MBLAQ and Two X made their debut on 'Music Core' yesterday.

Mad Town performed their single titled, "YOLO." The lyrics is catchy; which will make you say "YOLO" along with the guys. What is your opinion regarding their song?


FameUs performed their new single titled, "Too Crazy" on 'Music Core' yesterday. The guys are an underrated group; though, they did a great job of entertaining the audience with their great vocals. Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long. What is your opinion regarding this male group?

Nam Young Joo

Nam Young Joo performed her sexy concept single titled, "Fragile and Kind." Nam Young Joo wore a beautiful outfit to fit the sexy concept. Her performance was cut; though, she did a great job of entertaining the audience.

If you have not seen her music video yet, check it out and give your opinions.


TaeTiSeo said "Holler" as they performed their hit song yesterday on 'Music Core.' Seohyun, Taeyeon, and Tiffany wore a beautiful shiny silver outfit for their performance.

They have so many fans and yesterday proved it because they were screaming while the ladies were performing. Congratulations to TaeTiSeo on winning yesterday.


Ailee said "Don't Touch Me" and sang with her fantastic voice on 'Music Core' yesterday. Ailee wore a nice red sleeveless shirt and black shorts for her performance.

Ailee owned the stage and did a great job of entertaining the audience. Ailee was nominated; though did not win another trophy. Do you think she will win tomorrow on 'Inkigayo?'


TEEN TOP performed their smooth tempo single titled, "Missing" on 'Music Core' yesterday. TEEN TOP's song ranks number five this week. The ladies were screaming throughout their performance; which they did a fantastic job of entertaining the audience. The guys wore a gray blazer, black long sleeved undershirt, and pants.


MINX had their performance cut as they said, "Why Did You Come to My House" on 'Music Core' yesterday. Each of the members has great vocals and bright personalities.

MINX brought the skateboards on stage again yesterday. One viewer named GGSone B.A.P Baby commented, "Big fan of this group luv them." Are you a fan of MINX?


SPICA.S performed their sexy concept single titled, "Give Your Love." Park Juhyun, Park Narae, Yang Jiwon, and Kim Bohyung wore a nice blue colored outfit for their performance.

SPICA.S are doing a great job with promotions and entertaining the males in the audience. SPICA.S deserves more attention because they are a great group.


Love was in the air as Juniel performed her new single titled, "I Think I'm in Love." Her single ranks number forty-three on the 'Music Core' chart for this week. Juniel wore a nice blue colored outfit for her performance.


F.CUZ performed their new single titled, "Cha Ga Wa" on 'Music Core' yesterday. This guys always perform with lots of charisma and knows how to charm the ladies.

Each of the members wore dark solid colors for their performance. Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday.

Other performances were Jung Dong Ha, TOXIC, and Lee Ye Jun.

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