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Boa’s Older Brother, Park Hae Eil pianist lookalike exposes“Boa’s drinking habits are…”

By Shin Ae Chae | December 10, 2011 06:08 AM EST


Boa’s brother Kwon Soon Hwon revealed himself on TV.


On “Star King” that broadcasted on December 10, the Truth Game was played with 8 different people who claimed to be star related families.

On this day, it was revealed that the 7th contestant was Boa’s real brother Kwon Soon Hwon (37). A contest of figuring out who was “Real vs Fake” was held with Kwon Soon Hwon, Jo In Sung’s second cousin, Hwang Sin Hae’s nephew/niece, Kim Bum Su’s younger sibling, Kim Hee Chul’s nephew/niece, Park Bom’s maternal cousin, Lee Seung Ji’s paternal cousin once removed, and Yoo Hae Jin’s Uncle.

As soon as Kwon Soon Hwon walked into the stage Jo Hae Run said, “It is probably better for you to say that you are Park Hae Eil’s brother” because the he looked so similar to him. Boa’s brother revealed, “Boa doesn’t know that I am on the show.”

Kwon Soon Hwon brought a photo of Boa in her childhood and then Jewelry all of a sudden got up and asked, “Are you a pianist?” and he answered, “Yes, and I am her first older brother.”

After this the panelist asked him to show them a dance and he showed them a wonderful hip hop dance performance.

Also, Boa’s real brother exposed, “My younger sister, when she was in her early 20s, used to drink very well. When she is drunk she usually repeats the same words over and over again.”


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