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Kpop Star Kim Woo Sung’s voice praise “I have never heard a voice like this before”

By Newsen's Entertainment Section | December 11, 2011 11:19 PM EST


Kpop Star Kim Woo Sung’s unanimously passed on to the next group because of his unique voice

Netizens who saw his performance commented positively about his voice, “His voice is very unique, it has charm” “Usually, people mimic their favorite artists, but I like that he doesn’t do that” “I think if he polishes his singing a little bit he will succeed greatly”.

Also, they commented on his stage as well by saying “I like how he sang “How To Escape The Sun” it sounded very different in his voice” “I will be looking out for him in the coming rounds”. 

On “Survival Auditon Kpop Star” broadcasted on December 11 Kim Woo Sung came all the way from L.A. to sing and play on his guitar.

Yang Hyun Suk stopped Kim Woo Sung while he was singing Jason Mraz’s Living High and asked him to sing a Korean song. Kim Woo Sung sand Rain’s “How to Escape the Sun” and also danced as well.

Yang Hyun Suk commented, “First of all, you are not very good at singing” and also praised, “Usually, contestants are only requested to sing 1 song, but I asked you to sing 2. It is not a matter of whether you sing well or not I have never heard a voice like yours in Korea, or anywhere else. You have a very nice voice”

Additionally, Boa said, “None of the contestants had a voice like yours, and you have such a cute character. I think you have a bright future with some teaching.” JYP said, “work on how you end your notes.” They all have him a pass to the next round


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