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2AM Shows The Way Of Love at Hong Kong Concert

By Staff Writer | September 29, 2012 11:02 PM EDT


Performing for the first time as a solo act in Hong Kong, 2AM sought to capture the hearts of the fans who came to support them.  Delivering a heartfelt performance of 31 songs, the ballad group crooned to their own hit ballads, special stages, a Cantonese track, and their own acoustic rendition of hits from other Kpop groups.  They stirred the audience's hearts and performed two encore sets.  

The concert opened with their most recent hit ballad, "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me/ Neodo Na Cheoreom/ 너도 나처럼 " It was then followed by six other songs to comprise the first act of the concert "Erase All Our Memories", "You Were Mine", "A Friend's Confession", "Like Crazy", "Sorry, I Can't Smile" and "I Love You, I Love You".

The second act was an acoustic stage wherein 2AM sat down and took their suits off, grabbed a chair--going for a casual feel.  There were 2 guitars playing. It was just lovely and fun to watch as they were enjoying themselves while singing.  They performed their own songs "You Walking Towards Me", "I Was Able to Eat Well", "Nagging" and "The Day I Confessed".  The latter half of the acoustic stage is a medley of their own unplugged renditions of other Kpop hits by other groups, including Wonder Girls' "Nobody", "Good Girl, Bad Girl" by Miss A, "Gee" by SNSD, "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang, "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior,  and from their other half from 1Day "Again and Again by 2PM".  This acoustic medley was a touching performance by 2AM as they gave tribute to the other Hallyu stars with their own talents, carrying forward Korean pride.  

They then also honored their host for this concert tour by singing a Cantonese song, "Same Time Next Year" by Eason Chan.  2AM had earlier asked their fans which Cantonese song they would like to hear at the concert, and this was the one that was chosen. 

Moving towards the second half of the concert, a video was projected onto the big screen.  It was a quick docu-drama of the way 2AM dates.  The audience saw Seulong falling in love too easily and getting rejected twice. Jinwoon acting so brave in front of his date while easily getting scared of a beetle. And during the date, Changmin only ordered Americano and drank it one shot. He also took a lot of straws and tissues because it can save money but his date didn't like it.   The video was a nice look into 2AM's charms.  

After that, their solo stages followed, with Changmin taking the stage first with "Oh Oh" by Guy Sebastian.  Changmin danced with two back-up lady dancers sexily. Nearing the end of the song, he put on an afro wig and sunglasses like a comic act.   Seulong was next with his simple yet heartwarming stage.  He chose a slow song which showcased his good vocals by singing "Hurricane" by Eric Benet.  Unleashing his inner rocker, Jinwoon was next with his guitar.  He played "La La La" and really had fun rocking out.  And the final solo stage was reserved for their leader, Jo Kwon, who performed "Animal" from his solo album and really looked fierce as an animal by dancing so well and with full feelings.

Then, the concert entered the third and final act, again with a video, this time narrated by WooYoung of 2PM. The video centered on the ways of love by each 2AM member.   For this set list, a diverse set of songs were featured -- proving that 2AM does not only do ballad.  A mixture of ballad, rock, and pop, 2AM performed "What Should I Do", "Party Rock Anthem", "I'm Da One", "With or Without You (Rock version)", "I Was Wrong", and "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls"

At the encore performance, 2AM crooned to "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" and "This Song" as their heartfelt message to the fans that came to support them.  As they were saying their goodbye, they saw the fans holding up a sign " We Will Always Protect 2 AM"  which was distributed by their fan club in Hong Kong.  This touched the balladeers.  As the lights turned on, the crowd kept requesting for an encore.  Coming back out to indulge the request, they sang "Isn't She Lovely". They were wearing a casual attire, with their official T-shirt for this final song.  They introduced their band and back-up dancers and sincerely thanked the fans for their support.

As shown at this concert, 2AM's way of love is warm, heartfelt and passionate.  

Writers: Jenna S., Dorothy A | Photographer: Iris Sam

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