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Psy, "I Don't Care about Billboard Ranking," Free Thank You Concert on October 4

By Staff Writer | October 02, 2012 05:38 PM EDT


Psy will be holding a free thank you concert for his fans.

As a way to celebrate his number 2 ranking on the U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart 'HOT 100', Psy held a thank you concert on October 2 at the Jamsil Stadium.

He announced that he will be holding a surprise concert soon at this concert.

Psy commented, "The Billboard chart will be updated on October 4. I could make first place or I could go down in numbers, but that doesn't matter. I am here in Korea to greet my fans that have always supported me. Everyone come out to the town hall on October 4."

Psy had promised that if he made number 1 on the chart that he would dance to "Gangnam Style" with his shirt off. Psy commented that regardless of if he wins or not that he would still hold a free concert.

Psy has recently become a global sensation with his song, "Gangnam Style." He has ranked number 1 on iTunes in 30 countries and has ranked number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart 'HOT 100'. 

He has appeared on many shows such as the "Ellen Show" and "SNL" and featured on news programs such as NBC and CNN.

His music video has been the most viewed on Youtube as well with over 300 million views.

He has also recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber's agency and plans to release his first U.S. single sometime in November.

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