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Rookie Girl Group Girlfriend (formerly BIKINY) Gets The Spotlight in Singapore

By Staff Reporter | October 07, 2012 03:15 AM EDT


Shortly after their party-worthy performance of "Fiesta" as the opening act for the Kim So Jung's showcase in Singapore, Star Factory's rookie girl group Girlfriend (formerly known as BIKINY) also graced the scenic poolside rooftop of the Oasia Singapore, in an event put together by KPOPGAGA.  There, they mingled with the media in a relaxed dinner where they can further introduce themselves.

The girls were lovely as they answered each question from media thoughtfully and meaningfully.

Below were the excerpts from the press conference.

Q. What are your current and future plans?
Haei:  Hello I am Girlfriend's Haei! Our first single "Fiesta" and second single "Beautiful Boys" will be out soon. With these two singles, we are hoping to get more fans. We might plan for overseas events after.

Q. Have you considered expanding to acting in dramas or movies?
Jae In: Hi I am Girlfriend's leader Jae In. Actually I am taking acting lessons right now. I would like to be able to act with all the members. Hopefully you guys can see me in variety shows, dramas or movies in the future.
Mizi: Hi I am Mizi from Girlfriend. I am also learning acting and will definitely try it out if I get a chance in the future.

Q. Who is your inspiration in the entertainment industry?
Yoa: Hi, I am Girlfriend's Yoa,  great to meet you all! Our inspirations are Lee Hyori sunbaenim(Senior artist), 2NE1 and Nicki Minaj

Q. Is there any particular, male or female artists that you would like to work with?
Jae In: In my own opinion, I like BIG BANG's Taeyang. I hope to collaborate with him if there is a chance.
Haei: I will be more ambitious. I am sure you all heard of PSY with Gangnam Style! I hope to maybe perform a song with him on stage in New York!

Q. Are there any seniors in the K-POP industry that you look up to?
Haei: 2NE1!  We will try our best to be better in the future!

Q. Other than working, what do you usually do?
Mizi: I usually do Yoga, but I could not show you that right now.

Q. Why is the group name GIRLFRIEND? Are there any special reasons?
Haei: We want to be a Girlfriend to all of you!

Q. What kind of a vocal group would you like the fans to see you as?
Jae In: As you know our album name is "Fiesta", which also means "festival". Like this, we hope to enjoy the stage to the fullest with the fans.

Q. Describe each member in the group?
Yoa: Hi I am the maknae of the group!
Haei: Hi I am the rapper and vocalist of the group. I also take care of the cuteness, and my IQ is quite high at 156!
Mizi: Hi everyone I am the visual of the group and takes care of the mature looks.
Jae In: Mizi is lying! She is part of the visual of the group. I am the leader of GIRLFRIEND, so I take care of all the members.

Q. If you were a guy, which member would you like to date?
Haei: If I was a guy, since appearance is very important, I would want to date Mizi!
Yoa: For me, if I was a guy, I would like to date a cute girl one day, then a pretty girl the next, and then a wild-spirited girl the day after next.
Mizi: I also want to date the youngest person in the group (Haei)
Jae In:I also prefer a young girl who is also cute!  So, I prefer to date Haei.

Q.  Maybe you would like to tell us something interesting or a secret about the member sitting beside you?
Haei: Would it be okay that I be the one to share secrets? Ok, then I will start! When we were on a diet, our boss told us to not eat so much, but I saw Jae In secretly eating in the night. Now, you probably see that Mizi looks perfect, but when I first saw her, she was wearing very strange looking sunglasses like a monster.  Then, Yoa... was my roommate, but she does not really like taking showers. As for me, I don't have secrets!

Even at this early stage, Girlfriend is definitely a group with fun personalities and are relating well to each other.  Their in-depth time with the media was definitely a good way to introduce the newest rising star on the block!

Reporter: Ong Melin | Photo Credits: Ong Melin

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