Psy Becomes an Official Model for Nongshim Ramyun

Psy's way of eating ramyun tastefully has landed him a job as an official model for a ramyun company.

Today, Nongshim has announced that Psy will be the official model for the 'Shin Ramyun Black Cup'.

When Nongshim contacted Psy and asked him to be the model for this product t hat they are going to sell overseas, Psy replied, "There is no other celebrity that can eat this as tastily as me!"

Psy's self-video of him asking Nongshim to use him as a model and eating ramyun was enough for the company to use Psy as their official model.

The commercial will be made into a korean and english version and will be coming out sometime at the end of October.

Psy has recently become a global sensation with his song, "Gangnam Style." He has ranked number 1 on iTunes in 30 countries and has ranked number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Main Single Chart 'HOT 100'.

He has also reached 400 million views on Youtube with his music video for "Gangnam Style."

He has appeared on many shows such as the "Ellen Show" and "SNL" and featured on news programs such as NBC and CNN.

He has also recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber's agency and plans to release his first U.S. single sometime in November.

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