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'Music Core' Showreel: Jonghyun Wins On The January 17, 2015 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | January 18, 2015 05:21 PM EST


Another week of MBC's 'Music Core' is back and featured performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars. Along with the great performances, fan chants and awesome stage settings were seen and heard yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were JJCC as they have a burning "Fire" inside them. TAHITI wants to hear your voice by asking your "Phone Number," Hwayobi made her comeback with "My man," and G-Friend made their debut with "Glass Bead."

Your nominees for the January 17th episode were Mad Clown, Jonghyun, and EXID. The winner was SHINee's Jonghyun for his solo single titled, "Deja Boo." Congratulations to Jonghyun!

This being said, here are the best performance recaps from yesterday.

Best Performance Recaps From January 17, 2015


SHINee's Jonghyun wore a nice pink colored blazer and black pants as he sang his solo single titled, "Deja Boo."

SHINee fans are showing lots of support to Jonghyun as he won his first trophy yesterday. Jonghyun thanked the fans, his producer, group members, and agency when he won.

Mad Clown

Mad Clown featuring Mad Soul Child's Jinsil came on stage and wore black colored outfits for their burning "Fire" performance. Once again, Mad Clown showcased his great rapping while Jinsil sang with her beautiful voice.

Mad Clown was nominated; though unfortunately, did not win a first place trophy. Though it shows that his single is a hit and one that fans are loving.


BTOB sang their winter concept single titled, "The Winter's Tale" yesterday. The guys wore white colored outfits to show their winter concept song.

The fan chants were much louder as they smiled while performing. BTOB's single ranks number ten for this week.


HIGH4 sang their new smooth R&B single titled, "Day By Day." The guys sing with their smooth voices regarding wanting to fall in love again.

The guys do a great job of showing the emotion of their song.


NC.A wore a bright colored outfit as she sang her cute new single titled, "Coming Soon." The choreography is cute as they walk like a penguin. Her single ranks number forty-seven for this week.

Hong Jin Young

Hong Jin Young sang her beautiful single titled, "Cheer Up." Hong Jin Young wore an elegant dress as she moved gracefully and swiveled her hips in a slow motion.

Known as a famous trot singer, Hong Jin Young sang with her beautiful voice. Hong Jin Young's single ranks number eighteen for this week.


Navi sang about the heartache about seeing her ex-lover "At The Han" and how he just turned his back to her. Navi shows the emotion of the song with her amazing voice.

Navi wore a black outfit when she performed yesterday. Her single ranks number thirty-two for this week.


4TEN sang their new single titled, "Why." The question regarding what to do when a person is in love is the message of 4TEN's new song.

The group showcased their amazing voices and rapping talent. 4TEN are doing a great job each week on the music shows. TEM wore black shades again for their performance yesterday.


BIGFLO sang their upbeat single titled, "Bad Mama Jama." The guys performed with lots of energy and showed their charisma to the audience.

BIGFLO's performance was cut to less than three minutes long. With the time they had, the guys did a great job of entertaining the audience.

Jo Jung Min

Jo Jung Min wore a bright yellow colored one piece dress as she sang her single titled, "Dummy Bear." She has a beautiful voice and the audience enjoyed her performance yesterday.

Other Performances

JJCC; "Fire"

TAHITI; "Phone Number"

Hwayobi; "My man"

G-Friend; "Glass Bead"

EXID; "Up & Down"

Noel; "Your Voice"

Sonamoo; "Deja Vu"

LU:KUS; "Break Ya"

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