Brian Joo Shows His Tender Side at "Loving the Silent Tears" Event

Brian Joo has always been the picture of cool and humorous.  On a bright California day, he chose to show other more tender and warm sides to himself. 

The role he plays in the musical is that of a Korean, seemingly from an ages-old era, with a similar need as those from the modern day -- that of finding inner peace and happiness.  He sings a duet with Heather Park, wherein he takes on the more subdued vocals, being the second, supplementary voice in Hangul to Heather's English.  In their song, they sound as one soul saying their sincerest prayer and praise from a remote corner of their hearts.  Their song is an adaptation of a poem from the collection of poems penned by Supreme Master Ching Hai, for whom the musical pays tribute.  With the performance of such a song, Brian reveals his more spiritual self.

On the red carpet preceding the event, Brian walked gallantly, looking dapper in his black suit and confident, especially with a special person on his arm -- his mother.  For such a big milestone, starring alongside global entertainment stars, it was fitting to have someone who cares for him and loves him most as his 'date', and with that Brian didn't disappoint by bringing his mother with him to the red carpet.  Being no stranger to the long road to success, it is obvious with the presence of his mom at such a momentous event, that his humble beginnings still make him the man that he is -- one with feet firmly planted to the ground.  

Throughout the event festivities and the show itself, he displayed a friendly demeanor, smiling at everyone around which is already expected being the friendly soul that he is.  It is to be commended, however, that even during performances as a group or company during the play, he maintained his humility.  Brian is no stranger to musicals, having starred in the Korean version of "Rent" only recently, and this gained him a few minor solo parts during company segments in "Loving the Silent Tears".  Even with those minor solos, Brian chooses to blend, rather than to grab the chance to outshine others.

When sharing his thoughts about the event, he did say, "I am honestly more humbled than ever before. I cannot wait to see where this night will go."  This is a testament to his still relatively wide-eyed and optimistic outlook for his career.  With humility as his foundation and with a tender and compassionate heart at his core, Brian's journey is indeed just beginning. 

Writer: Dorothy A | Photos: SupremeMasterTV, Dorothy A

Brian Joo


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