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Eddie Murphy To Return To SNL For 40th Anniversary Celebration, Fans Hope For Bill Cosby Impression

By Tara Edwards | January 29, 2015 10:56 PM EST


Admittedly it's been a while since Eddie Murphy has stepped out of the movie world to return to his original comedic roots.

In fact, some might say they really missed the days when Eddie Murphy was "Raw."

Perhaps comedy fans will get their chance to watch Eddie Murphy settle back into his roots of comedy as he's just admitted that he will attend the Saturday Night Live (SNL) 40th anniversary special. While some news outlets recall some of his more famous sketches from his brief time on the series, some fans are more interested on whether Murphy will imitate Bill Cosby as he once did in his "Raw" standup, despite Cosby's most recent controversy.

"I can't wait to see his Bill Cosby imitation," commented Jerry K on Yahoo!TV

"Cosby was very critical and crappy to him [Murphy] in the early years of his success. If ever there was an appropriate opportunity for skewering revenge, this is it!" exclaimed Rajene Livin' Single.

That Bill Cosby impression (which fans can listen to below) happened because allegedly Cosby criticized Murphy early on in his career for being too vulgar. Recently Cosby commented on that alleged conflict stating that he was actually criticizing Murphy's treatment of a heckler. He also affirmed that the two have since let "bygones be bygones."

But given that Murphy went after Cosby before, wouldn't the rape allegations almost be too big to ignore as source material?

Although It is still too early to know what Eddie Murphy's plans are for his return to SNL, Bill Cosby might indeed just be on the menu as fodder. Many comedians have already made jokes about it including Amy Pohler and Tina Fey at this year's Golden Globes. Not to mention that "The Nightly Show with Larry Witmore" premised its entire second episode on discussing Bill Cosby's guilt.

The SNL 40th Anniversary special will air Feb. 15.

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