50 K-Pop Idols Debuted in 2012, 'Which Ones Survived?'

These days, new K-Pop rookies and idols all look the same. It is hard to find a group that sticks out from the crowd.

The 'Hallyu wave' is not as easy as it seems. One does not become famous easily. Rookies have to perform anywhere and everywhere they can to get their name exposed and to slowly make their way up the ladder.

This year, almost 50 teams have debuted. Out of the 50 or so teams that debuted, only 11 teams made it onto the Top 50 chart. 

Rookie singer Ailee has been soaring this year starting with her debut song, "Heaven." She has always been high on the charts and has gained much attention from appearing on singing shows.

Rookie solo singer Juniel also gained much attention this year. He debut song was also used in a famous drama from this year, making her popularity soar as well.

Busker Busker and John Park who both became big after being a contestant on an audition program were also seen high not he charts. Busker Busker had 11 of their songs on the top 50 chart, showing their immense popularity.

Lee Hi, 15& and Baek Ah Yeon gained much attention after their appearance on audition programs as well.

Lee Hi debuted with YG Entertainment this year and received much attention after first being featured in Epik High's new album.

All agencies are hard at work trying to find new methods and ways to have their rookie groups exposed and spread out globally.

Now, groups will not be able to survive by just being like the others. New and fresh ideas and contents need to be created in order to survive in the K-Pop industry. Many are curious for the new rookies that will be debuting next year.

Lee Hi
Baek Ah Yeon
Busker Busker
John Park


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