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Tears Of Joy As Red Velvet Take Home First Wins On Music Bank And Inkigayo

By Staff Writer | March 30, 2015 07:23 AM EDT


A sweet song goes far on the Korean music charts.

SM Entertainment's newest idol group, Red Velvet, garnered their first music show awards. The five Red Velvet members won the award for their latest title song, "Ice Cream Cake," and were unable to mask their happiness and thankfulness, with one member bursting into tears.

Red Velvet won awards on both KBS' Music Bank and SBS' Inkigayo.

One member in particular gained attention from netizens, or Internet Citizens.

Comments on the video of Red Velvet winning for the first time on Music Bank on March 27 were filled with excitement and sympathy towards the K-pop idols, who had spent many years as trainees in order to acheive this point in their careers.

A comment by Youtube user Sak Adik in particular was liked by YouTube commenters.

"Tears of joy," wrote Sak Adik, a pun on the name of Red Velvet's Joy, who was inconsolable as Red Velvet received their trophy and began an encore performance.

The three-words received over 300 upvotes.

Joy was previously the youngest member of Red Velvet when the group debuted as a quartet in 2014, but the group's comeback with "Ice Cream Cake" brought a new, younger member, Yeri, to the group.

Red Velvet's song "Ice Cream Cake" did well on Korean music charts, and garnered a place in the top five on multiple music charts. The album also did well in physical sales.

Fans of Red Velvet also defended the girl group from netizens claiming that the quintet beat Girl's Day Minah on the charts because of SM Entertainment's buying power.

"'Of course they would win because they are from SM.' What the....???" asked Noor Aishah Hamzah. "The fact that they are from SM, well that can't be denied, is it? But the fact that they trained for 5-7 years, isn't that counted as they are working their asses off like anybody else. Being in a big company like SM of course there are other fandom will also help each other (cassies, elf, sones, shawol, fx fans, exo-l [the fanclubs of other SM Entertainment acts, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and EXO]). Support from other fandom and also sunbaes, give them strength to work harder next time. "

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