Boy Band BEAST's New Song 'Hands Up' Top iTunes Pop Chart

Group BEAST’s new Japanese song, “Hands Up,” has topped the iTunes Pop chart.

This song was released through the group’s independent Japanese label, BEAST Music, yesterday.

After officially opening their own label last month, they released their song, “One,” and announced that they would be releasing a new song every month for the next 10 months.

“One” topped the iTunes Hip-Hop chart, making their first song release a success. With “Hands Up” also topping the iTunes chart, they hope to continue ranking high with their upcoming songs as well.

“Hands Up” features a rhythmical pop tune dance song which differs from their usual style of music.

The group has been releasing teasers and lyric videos on their official YouTube page, making fans even more curious for the official music video.

“Where’s the music video? Please don’t tease me! I need more than a teaser,” wrote user Nessa Yong in a comment posted on BEAST’s Hands Up Video Message YouTube video yesterday.

Others also showed their excitement for the music video release.

“Where is the full song? The full music video?” wrote Marian Padrigon on Sunday. “BEAST is the best.”

They also plan on holding a four-city fan event next month in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

As for activities in Korea, members are busy with their individual promotions including dramas and featuring in popular artists albums.

Hands Up


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