8,000 Super Junior Fans Flock To See Super Show 6 Concert In Singapore

Super Junior performed to a full house crowd (of about 8,000) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 1 May 2015, charting it as their fourth solo concert in Singapore. The boy group was not in full force, with only 8 members present that night. Members Shindong, Yesung and Sungmin are currently in the army, doing their mandatory military duty. Nevertheless, the rest of the members still managed to entertain and blow the crowd away with their vocals and choreography.

The night kicked off with an old track 'Twins (Knockout)' followed by more upbeat dance tracks, 'Bonamana' and 'Sorry Sorry'. After a short VCR play, the members came back on stage and performed a mix of old and new tracks; 'U', 'Midnight Blues' and 'She Wants It'. It felt like a nostalgic journey down Super Junior's discography as thy whizzed through their popular hits.

The boys were seen putting in effort trying to converse in English as much as possible. Some of the members (especially those in SJ-M) were more comfortable in Mandarin. Hence, they tried to mix Mandarin, English and Korean to get their message across to fans. An effort to be applauded. As the Super Junior members did their formal introductions, much fan-service and cheesy lines were given. Donghae made a confession to fans (ELFs) and said, "Today you so pretty and sexy. It's been a long time since I last saw you. I will give all my love to you." Siwon on the other hand sent goosebumps with what appears to be a pick-up line when he said, "You can call me fortune cookie cause I want to be your fortune."

One of the highlights of the concert was the solo performances prepared specially for Super Show 6. Maknae Kyuhyun belted out two songs from his solo album - 'My Thoughts, Your Memories' which was written by TVXQ Changmin and a chinese version of 'At Gwanghwamun'. Kangin did a cover of Re.f's 'Heartbreak' while Ryeowook sang to Jay Chou's 'Qi Li Xiang'.

Henry and Zhoumi appeared for the first time that night and joined the Super Junior-M (SJ-M) members for 'Swing' and A-OH'. They were also given the limelight to shine like the other Super Junior members. Henry danced to 'Fantastic' and showed off his multi-talents with his violin added to the choreography. Zhoumi showed elegance and passion in his solo song 'Rewind'. Both members received just as much love and support from fans that night. Following that, Donghae and Eunhyuk who formed the sub-unit D&E, entertained fans with 'Growing Pains'.

Continuing with the solo acts, Siwon came on stage and performed a cover of Adam Levine's 'Lost Stars'. Despite his nervousness performing the song for the first time, he managed to pull it off and overcame the language barrier. Leader Leeteuk then serenaded the crowd with his rendition of Huh Gak's 'Hello'.

Like previous concerts where the Super Junior members dressed up as female figures, this time round was no different. But instead of cross-dressing to a female idol singer, the members were dressed up as Frozen's Elsa, the popular Disney animation. Their unique essence and individuality was injected through their made-up name and costume. For instance, the manly and charismatic Choi Siwon turned into 'Elsamurai' (Samurai Elsa), dance extraordinaire Eunhyuk became 'Elsa Jackson' while Leeteuk expressed his everlasting love for fans by transforming into 'ElSapphire Blue'. The self-proclaimed princesses took the stage one by one and entertaine the crowd with 'Let It Go' and their own track 'Rokkugo'. Definitely a highlight of the night, we only wished it could have dragged longer!

A tear-jerking and heart-tugging moment took place when a VCR was played with member Shindong singing 'Don't Forget'. At the same time, a mic-stand was left on stage, to represent the missing member. Super Junior then appeared and sang the song live as they threw kisses to the crowd.

The night was brought to a high with more upbeat tracks like 'Shirt, Rockstar, Let's Dance' and 'Mamacita'.

Fans can hope to see the boys again as Siwon promised, "I'm not sure about SS7 but we are gonna do it in Singapore. Singapore is the best place! Just promise us one thing, don't change your heart. I love you." Sending their messages of thanks and gratitude to fans, each member was given time to say a few words. Eunhyuk cheesy line was a memorable one - "I'm full cause everyone gave me your love." To which Heechul replied, "I'm hungry because I gave everyone my love!" Heechul also hinted that he might be returning to Singapore very soon, though no confirmation has been made.

To the delight of fans, this edition of Super Show stretched longer than their usual duration - of 3 hours! There was never a dull moment with the 8 members on stage.The one night only concert was indeed a superb show, befitting of its name. We look forward to the next upgraded Super Show 7.

Special thanks to ONE Production for inviting KpopStarz.com to cover Super Junior World Tour "Super Show 6" In Singapore

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Marcus Lin / ONE Production

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