'Alien 5' Movie Spoilers: Sigourney Weaver Claims Host Finally Found; Bill Paxton May Join Film?

Sigourney Weaver has signed on to reprise his role as Ripley in "Alien 5." But the legendary actress is coy when asked about spilling some spoilers for Neill Blomkamp's film.

"Let's just put it this way, We've found the host and it's been embedded...it's gestated," she told a panel during SiriusXM's Town Hall Radio hosted by Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly.

In other "Alien 5" movie spoilers, Bill Paxton has told EW that he's interested to reprise his role as Hudson as the concept art of director Neill Blomkamp featured Ripley and Hicks (Michael Biehn).

When prodded by Entertainment Weekly for comment about the possibility of Hicks being brought back to life, he said, "That's the first I've heard of that."

Will he want to play Hudson once again, though? "Maybe. I mean, if you're going to bring Hicks back, you've got to have Hudson!" Bill Paxton added.

It was already reported that "Alien 5" will effectively follow events of "Alien" and "Aliens" and will totally ignore "Alien 3" and "Alien: Resurrection."

Scified reported that Neill Blomkamp's "'Alien 5' will be different from 'Prometheus 2' though they revolve around the same Universe."

"Unlike Scott's 'Prometheus 2' which aims to get away from the 'Alien' or 'Xenomorph' creature itself and expand the franchise, Blomkamp's 'Alien 5' will likely revolve heavily around the Xenomorph and iconic characters such as Ellen Ripley," the website added.

Neill Blomkamp teased some spoilers in an interview as he claimed he changed some stuff in "Alien 5" movie so he won't step on the toes of Ridley Scott's "Prometheus 2."

"I changed the one thing [Scott] felt was bumping Prometheus a little bit. One thing that makes me feel good about it is that Ridley is producing it. He likes the idea of what I want to make," he said.

"I sent the title I wanted to Ridley. It's kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title. But in the event that it doesn't work, I'm dead in the water."

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