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NU'EST Talks To KPopStarz Japan: Part 3 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 05, 2015 09:30 AM EDT


NU'EST spoke with KpopStarz Japan about their musical influences and singing karaoke.

Q: What music genre have you listened to? Please tell us about your music transition (music roots).

A: Aron: When I was young, I was loved HIPHOP and R & B. I still like them now and I also like soul music.

Minhyun: I became a big fan of TVXQ when I was in junior high and followed them on TV every day. Since I became music student, I had to listen POP songs and I listened a lot. And then I practiced R&B and now I listen to a variety of music.

Ren: I listened to J-POP, K-POP, POP and many other music styles. I also like songs that my mom used to listen a lot.

Q: What songs did your mom listen to, Ren?

A:Ren: Old POP like the Beatles and Songrume (Very popular rock band in Korea).

JR: When I was a child, I had no interest in music so I didn't listen too much. After I became a music student, I started listening to music, mainly K-POP. Now I like RAP and often listen to HIP HOP

Baekho: I was also not a big fan of music until I became music student so I just listen to whatever was popular at the time. I didn't look for songs to like.

Q: On the Internet, people are talking about when you guys went to karaoke after you went to see TVXQ's performance (laughs). Please tells us what your first song was when the members said, "let's go to karaoke."

A: Baekho: It's "NA.NA.NA.Namida".

Ren: I pick "Shalala Ring".

Minhyun: I always pick our song to sing first when I usually go to Karaoke.

JR: For practice (laughs).

Baekho: But for some reason, I can't sing our songs well at Karaoke. Don't you think so?

All: Sure. That's true.

Baekho: So when I go to Karaoke and sing a song, I can see how hard it is to sing the song.

Minhyun: It's actually harder to sing at Karaoke than sing and dance on a stage (laughs).

Q: For those of us who want to sing NU'EST's song "Na. Na. Na. Namida" at karaoke, can you give us some advice?

A: Minhyun: Emotional expression is important for this song. If you have an experience like you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, please think about that time while you sing. And it will be perfect!

Baekho: I think it is a little bit different but when you sing a sad song at Karaoke, the mood of the place is very important. Some of the dance moves are easy so it maybe fun to imitate that too.

JR: You should close your eyes during the RAP part and listen to music very carefully and try your free style (laughs).

Baekho: It's ok to do some improvisation too.

This is part three of a four-part interview.

(text:Kiyori Matsumoto / photo:Ryosuke Oshiki)


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