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U-KISS: Surprise Party For Soo Hyun On His Birthday Night [Exclusive interview]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 07, 2015 09:50 AM EDT


U-KISS recently released their fourth album "Action."  They had an exclusive interview with KpopStarz Japan about their new album finding their "music roots." This is the first in a five-part interview.

Q: Happy birthday!  Soo Hyun. Your birthday is on March 11, right? How did you spend the day?

A: Soo Hyun:  Thank you so much. I wanted to have a meal with all of my members but I was refused because they all said that they were busy. But at night, there was a knock at the door. Rat tat!  I was wondered and opened the door. All the members came to my house in Korea. Surprise party!

Kevin:  Surprising him by singing happy birthday♪~

Soo Hyun: They came to my home and celebrated it for me.

Kevin: We were discussing what to do for his birthday when he sent text messages about going out for dinner. We all lied him that we were too busy to come. Then at night we went to his house with gifts and a cake for the surprise party.

Q: How did you feel when you were refused? You must have been so lonely.

A: Soo Hyun:  Yeah.  I sent a message back saying I'm fine if you are busy and sent the same text message to the other members but exactly same replies received.  I said I was okay but..haha

Kevin: I also refused his offer (he giggles)

Soo Hyun: I was playing a game because I was a little upset when I heard the knock, Rat Tat!  There is nobody who knocked on the door like that so I  felt a little scared  " who's that? That was my members! HaHa.

Q: It was a really good thing.

A: Ki Seop: Hello, Irai. I am sure you are so busy now with shooting in China. You may feel lonely because you are alone. But I feel like we are close in mind even though you are far from where we are.

Kevin: I already sent him a birthday message. I really miss him. I wanted to work in Japan and have a birthday party together with him. He is a hard worker and no worries.

Soo Hyun: Yes. That was a surprise party from members.

Everybody: Definitely!

Please say a message for his birthday.

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