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U-KISS Talks About Their Fourth Album [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 08, 2015 09:00 AM EDT


U-KISS recently released their fourth album "Action."  They had an exclusive interview with KpopStarz Japan about their new album finding their "music roots." This is the second in a five-part interview. During this part of the interview Soo Hyun asked some of the intial questions then handed the mike over to Kpopstarz Japan.

Q: Soo Hyun: This is our fourth album.  What do you think of the album? (he holds the mike towards Hoon)

A: Hoon: I wanted to put various songs into this album and it includes in the first solo song of Soo-Hyun [one more time]

Everybody:  (Clapping)

Hoon: It also includes in a medley of dance songs and especially the songs loved by many fans among the ones we have released so far.  And the concept of the title song is something that we have never tried before.  Isn't that cute? (HaHa) the message of just take action if there is something challenging that you want to start off is in it as well.

Q: That is your first solo song. Can you tell me your feelings after challenging a new thing?

A: Soo Hyun: That is a sad ballad song. I put all my feelings into it and did my best when I sang it.

Hoon: I was very excited by his first solo song, so I listened to it many times. It's really good. He made a amazing song in perfect harmony with his voice and a melody.

Q: Do you  think that you also want to sing a solo song?

Hoon: Sure. I want to take that song from him (HaHa) But I might not be able to sing it like him putting all his emotions into it.

Soo-Hyun: No way. You can.

Hoon: (Smiling)

Q: U-Kiss has a lot of  good ballad songs.

A: Kevin: Thank you for saying that.

Q: Kevin, you wrote the lyrics for the first time with Irai, right?

A: Kevin: Yes. I wrote it in English with Irai. We usually get the lyrics from song writers but this time, I wrote it thinking of fans. I put the word of [Black hole] in it as an intro, which means let's get started.

Q: Jun, his is your first album that you participated in. How was it?

A: Jun: The time just flies. Remembering the day I started my singing career in Japan with the single album, [LOVE ON U] this album became a very meaningful one for me.

Q: I watched the music video of Action. I think that is kind of cute Soo Hyun!

A: Kevin: HaHa. Why Soo Hyun? (☺)

Q: Because he looked very bashful when he did it at first (☺).

A: Soo Hyun: age...

Hoon: That's because he is going to be in his thirties soon.

Soo Hyun: But I did my best from the embarrassment because I assumed that many fans wanted to see the cuteness also.  I talked to myself that I was still in my twenties during the shooting.

Hoon: You really look exactly what you said.

Soo Hyun: Oh, Really? (☺)

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