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U-KISS Talks About How They Express Cuteness [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Kiyori Maysumato | June 09, 2015 09:40 AM EDT


U-KISS spoke with KpopStarz Japan about the different ways they express cuteness. This is the third part of a five-part interview.

Q: I heard that Kevin is really good at expressing cuteness.

A: Kevin: Yes!

Q: Can you show me the skills of cuteness?

A: Kevin: I didn't mean to teach Soo Hyun but I saw he was practicing it copying the way I do.

Soo Hyun: No~. I never copied you.

Kevin: You has been watching me out of the corner of your eye.

Soo Hyun: No way. I was just practicing it alone looking in the mirror.

Kevin: You must have thought that you also wanted to act cute like me and kept looking at me.

( Other members are just laughing at the two of them with expression of  [it's okay] on their face.

Kevin: Ki Seop is also good at acting cute.

Ki Seop: It's because I am a pro.

Everybody: A pro?

Hoon: Please humble yourself (☺)

Ki Seop: To be honest, I've practiced it a lot(☺)

Kevin: Jun needn't to practice it. He is naturally cute whatever he does. He has the cuteness of age 19.

Kevin:  In the music video shooting, there was a scene that Hoon should appear driving in the car but the timing was too difficult so he took it many times (☺)

Soo Hyun: Because of Hoon's hideous drive skills, the shooting was delayed for three hours.

Hoon: Soo Hyun and Ki Seop offered me the help to signal when the time is right. They stood behind my back and said, 'it's time to start' but none of their signals was right.

Kevin: That was a one-take shooting skill. If you make a mistake in the middle, it needs to be retaken from the opening scene.

Hoon: Because of me, it took longer time but I am the best driver ever!

Everybody: You lie~(☺)

Q: Let me change the subject. Can you tell me only one song among all the songs that U-KISS has released that had an influence on your life?

A: Ki Seop: For me, it is "Man Man Ha Ni." I think this is the number one song of all because but for the song, U-KISS would have not been here.

Jun: It's Kiburizima which is my debut song in Korea. It is really meaningful for me.

Kevin: For me, it is "A Shared Dream." I like the lyrics. I gained a lot of courage from the lyrics saying let's make dreams come true together with us. I hope our fans can gain courage from that song as well.

Hoon: I will choose the debut song of "Tick Tack" in Japan. Thanks to this song, We, U-KISS, could start our singing career here. Many fans were fascinated so that we could try various kinds of performances since then.

Soo Hyun: For me..(thinking for a while), oh it's "Believe." This is a ballad song. Japan had suffered from the earthquake at that time and we all were very worried about it. So we sang with all our hearts to encourage them to overcome it. In the live tours, we always sang the song. It was not only for our fans but also for all the people in Japan. I like it the most.


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