Idol Unit Groups Taking Over K-Pop Music Industry! 'Why?'

The rise of unit groups have begun to take over at the start of 2013.

Recently, many idol unit groups have been making an appearance. With just the start of 2013, unit groups Super Junior M, INFINITE H, 2Yoon, SISTAR19 and more have come out.

These unit groups have also revealed to be very successful.

SISTAR19 topped music charts and ranked number 1 on the U.S. Billboard K-Pop charts for 2 weeks after the release of their new song, "Gone Not any Longer."

Last month, Super Junior M came back with their 2nd album, Break Down. They ranked number 1 on the U.S Billboard World Album Chart and held a successful fan meeting in China.

This month, unit groups continue as group ZE:A will be coming out with a unit group to debut in Japan called ZE:A FIVE, which will consist of 5 of the 9 members.

ZE:A FIVE is currently now in Japan and is holding mini concerts in Japan with their new song, "The Classic."

ZE:A's agency commented, "Unlike their usual powerful performances in Korea, they plan to show off their vocal talents in this unit group. Fans will be able to listen to never before heard voices.

Rookie group EXID also came out with a unit group called DASONI and they made their debut stage yesterday on Mnet with their new song, "Good Bye."

Their agency commented, "This unit group will feature the two members amazing vocal talent."

With the start of After School's unit group, Orange Caramel, as well as GD&TOP back in 2010, unit groups have been coming out continuously. In 2011, SISTAR19 and "Troublemaker" (4minute HyunA and BEAST Jang Hyun Seung) came out and became a hit. Last year, Girls' Generation's unit group, TaeTiSeo also was a huge success.

One music official commented, "The reason for the rise of unit groups is because members tend to get swallowed up in huge groups. These unit groups gives the opportunity for members to showcase their unique talent to the public."

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