MBLAQ's G.O Shares He Has Vocal Nodes, Seeks Medical Treatment After Radio Show

MBLAQ's G.O is unfortunately suffering from vocal nodes.

G.O, Mir, and Seungho appeared alongside Jang Jae In during the June 11 broadcast of the SBS Power FM program 2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show. G.O opened up about how he has suddenly developed vocal nodes. He further expressed his worry over his current condition. "G.O has been getting vocal nodes more often than others. One time it happened and he ended up unable to talk at all," Mir added according to Ten Asia.

OSEN also reported that immediately after MBLAQ's radio appearance, G.O visited the hospital. A representative of J.Tune Camp relayed that his voice had been hoarse before the radio show appearance. He also had been unable to speak properly for the day. As a result, after 2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show ended, G.O sought medical attention. "We suspect the reason for his visit to be the vocal nodes. We will be watching his progress closely," the representative concluded. 

MBLAQ recently made their return as a three member group with their eighth mini-album Mirror. The group is currently busy with promotional activities. G.O especially will be appearing with Mir on Witch Hunt set to air Friday, June 12. As of now, G.O will be continuing to promote and perform with MBLAQ on music shows.

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