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Girl's Day Members Promise To 'Be More Careful And Cautious About Everything' In Apology To Fans Over Dumpling War

By Jesse Lent | July 10, 2015 07:49 PM EDT


This can't be the kind of media attention they wanted.

On Friday, the four members of Girl's Day appeared on the AfreecaTV Internet program "Koon TV" for the second time this week, this time to apologize for what many fans perceived as rude behavior towards host Choi Goon.

"We want to express our apologies," said Girl's Day frontwoman Park Sojin.

"We apologize for making viewers uncomfortable when they wanted to watch an enjoyable the future, we'll always be bright and energetic and we'll work hard. We'll be more careful and cautious about everything."

Much of the controversy over Wednesday's 53-minute interview, which has since been removed from AfreecaTV's YouTube channel, revolved around the Girl's Day members' reaction to a plate of dumplings that was put in front of them by Choi.

"We don't eat dumplings," Sojin snapped back in the video, before the plate of dumplings were placed under the table.

The girls eventually eat the dumplings but appear to bicker over them, prompting what some fans are calling the Dumpling War.

Choi attempted to clarify that the whole thing was scripted, immediately after the controversy erupted on Wednesday.

"I wanted to do a show that was more intimate," the host said in an official statement, according to a report on the Korean entertainment website Soompi.

"I got too ambitious in wanting to make it more realistic and funny and created certain scenarios showing [the girls] bickering."

Choi also apologized for an incident during the live chat portion of the broadcast where a fan wrote, "this is no fun."

"You're less fun." Girl's Day rapper Lee Hyeri wrote back.

The AfreecaTV host blamed himself for the altercation.

"I couldn't catch what was being said in the chatting window in real time," Choi said. "I should have handled the issues right away, but I was careless."  

On Friday, the Internet personality went even further with his apology.

"Even though I was the MC, I was too inexperienced at hosting," he said.

"During the live broadcast, it's my job to spot the online comments that need to be addressed and to catch on to any discomfort, but I fell short at that."

On Friday, allkpop reader Hummy EXOLove expressed earnest disappointment at Girl's Day's behavior in the interview.

"A lot of people keep pointing out [in the online comments] that this is why idols put on a fake a character when they do interviews and that this why all they can do is be smiley smiley, but that's not the case," Hummy said.

"The girls were rude. That was it. They were just rude...doesn't mean you have to be all fake and smiley. There are a lot of idols out there that are known to not be all smiley and bubbly and they wont act that way on shows, but they at least show respect and answer the questions that the MC gives them."

Soompi reader Abby Someone thinks everyone needs to move on and give the girls a break.

"Oh my god would you stop it?" she wrote on Friday.

"[Girl's Day] have nothing to apologize for. It was a 53-minute interview, that's more of a reality show and the host set the casual tone. What is wrong with these managers? They are so afraid of losing a nickel, that these overworked girls have to apologize for disrespect that their haters invented? I wouldn't even address such nonsense. People are ridiculous."

Fan Maria Patricia has devised a way to end the Dumpling War.

"It's no wonder the girls behaved like they did, their stomachs were roaring," she wrote. "Next time, Girl's Day should just bring their own box lunch."

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