Miranda Lambert Cheating With Ryan Westbrook? Divorce From Blake Shelton Emanates From It?

When country music power couple announced that they are getting a divorce, many were shocked, but more surprising allegations have been reported thereafter, particularly about Miranda Lambert cheating on Blake Shelton.

In its report, "OK" magazine divulged that the 31-year-old performer's alleged relationship with her long-time tour manager Ryan Westbrook was the one that truly blew the top out of the 39-year-old singer.

"Blake discovered Miranda had these feelings for Ryan after her band member saw them together," an unnamed source disclosed to the magazine.

Accordingly, based on the insider's account, one of the "Bring Me Down" singer's band-mates got tired of seeing her getting cosy with their tour manager and that the said band member "had had enough of witnessing her behavior around him and finally told Blake."

The source continued saying that Blake Shelton would still have wanted their marriage to be saved despite the cheating rumors about Miranda Lambert. However, she was reportedly no longer interested to work it out with the "The Voice" coach.

"He'd taken Miranda back time and time again, and he would have done it again had she owned up to her mistakes and corrected them," the source disclosed. "It was a crushing blow to Blake's ego."

It was also learned that the Grammy Award winner for her album "Platinum" had a history of lashing at her ex-husband whenever she was drunk.

"Miranda would get drunk and lash out at Blake, punching and screaming if she thought he was so much as looking at another woman," the insider said.

"Blake had normally been drinking too, and the fights would ignite like nothing I'd seen."

"Ok" magazine reported as well that Miranda Lambert allegedly cheated on Blake Shelton with his close friends Chris Young, Jamey Johnson, and married baseball player Josh Beckett.

On the other hand, TMZ reported on Wednesday that the "Bringing Back the Sunshine" artist vehemently denied the rumors romantically linking him to country singer Cady Groves while threatening "In Touch" magazine about filing a case against them.

The site learned that Blake Shelton's lawyers issued a demand letter to "In Touch" commanding them to retract their report about him and Cady Groves.

"Mr. Shelton did not have a sexual relationship or affair of any nature whatsoever with Ms. Groves," the legal letter reportedly read.

The magazine responded saying, "Not only does 'In Touch' magazine stand by its story but we have another exclusive about Blake and Miranda's divorce in this week's issue."

What do you think about the reports on Miranda Lambert's alleged cheating issues? How about Blake Shelton's connection with Cady Groves?



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