K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Simba Zawadi Of Awaken Tongues Brings Hot Fire To A Cool Jazz Rap Beat On 'Remedies Market' [AUDIO]

K-Pop Beyond The Charts is a weekly review column highlighting Korea's modern day musical innovators who have yet to find mainstream success.

Any music fan that likes to keep an ear to the ground for new sounds knows the feeling.

Like a digital equivalent of Goldilocks (with the three bears' porridge being the latest music releases in this analogy), we bounce from release to release, with the majority of material being either too hot or too cold.

The beauty of "Remedies Market," the new solo single released Wednesday by Simba Zawadi of the South Korean hip-hop trio Awaken Tongues, is in the way the rapper's searing high-energy rhymes balance out the jazzy, almost loungey musical accompaniment.

Neither Simba or Awaken Tongues have received any attention to speak of in the Western media, yet on "Remedies Market" the rapper carves out a niche for himself, delivering a performance that has the power of an artist that is giving it all they've got.

The hook of the song is irresistibly catchy. Don't be surprised if you find it stuck in your head after only a few spins.

What is it that makes one act soar to the top of the popular consciousness, while other arguably more worthy acts languish in obscurity? If I knew the answer to that question I would be living in a mansion facing the San Francisco Bay.

But this much is for certain, for anyone who doesn't care about hype or hasn't sworn a lifelong allegiance to one specific K-pop "fandom," for true music fans simply looking for great new music--you just found some.

Listen to the new single "Remedies Market" from Awaken Tongues rapper Simba Zawadi RIGHT HERE

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