Luke Hemmings Looks For New Girlfriend With 5 Seconds Of Summer New Album With Michael Clifford

Luke Hemmings may be on a lookout for a new girlfriend now that 5 Seconds of Summer new album is just a month out from its release date. But the 5SOS lead singer isn’t doing this scouting alone. Michael Clifford has also joined the game!

According to Sugarscape, Michael Clifford revealed that they expressed lots of emotions in the new album, which is bound to get the 5 Seconds of Summer fans all riled up.

He said, “We explore loads of different topics. It varies between songs. There are still songs about love and stuff that we wrote about on the last album, but it really goes into loneliness.”

Luke Hemmings agreed and added, “With the second album, though, we’ve toured the world for a few years and we’ve done some stuff. We’re older now and we’ve been through more. On the second album I think that really comes across. It’s much more personal.”

Although it’s not totally clear what “some stuff” alludes to, the fans are guessing that some of that stuff must be about girlfriend drama.

5SOS bandmates did tease Luke Hemmings very recently about his joke confession to Selena Gomez.

According to Seventeen Magazine, “In a recent interview with ETOnline, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood did just that to Luke, spilling all about his crush on none other than Selena Gomez. "He writes fan mail!" revealed Calum. "He actually writes poems as well — 'My Dear Selena.'"”

But even before this, Luke Hemmings so far had a busy summer sans girlfriend drama, leading 5 Seconds of Summer lads into Billboards top 100. Seeing how his drummer Ashton Irwin just revealed that he has a girlfriend, this may be a prime time for the 5SOS lead singer to get dating.

Seeing how he is very hot commodity, 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer has been trying to avoid more girlfriend drama. But with the new album coming out in October, it looks like he will get even more attention.

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