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Camila Cabello Giving Love Another Chance With Shawn Mendes? Finally Over Austin Mahone?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | October 27, 2015 09:45 PM EDT


Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes made the rumor mill grind with their closeness a few months ago. But the Fifth Harmony singer was quick to quash the rumors somehow.

In an interview with Latina magazine though, the Fifth Harmony singer also admitted that she's not really closing her doors to falling in love.

"I'm never the type of person that uses work as an excuse not to fall in love," she told the source above. "I mean, I'm 18, c'mon! I'm at a point now where I just need to take a break. But if something happens, then something happens."

She even shared to the magazine the type of guy that she has been looking for and Seventeen thought the "Stitches" singer fit the bill.

​"I think it just needs to be a good person," she told Latina as well as cited by Seventeen. "I was young and naïve and stupid. But because I'm a good girl, I tend to fall for the bad boy persona, and it ends up biting me in the butt. They end up not knowing how to treat me, and I end up completely devastated. I just need to find someone who is a good person with good values and who is focused."

But while Shawn Mendes seemed to fit what Camila Cabello has been looking for after splitting from Austin Mahone, the Fifth Harmony singer quickly pointed out that they're just buddies.

Even the "Stitches" singer has explained why he has been hanging out with the Fifth Harmony singer.

"I'm teaching myself Spanish and she's trying to take credit for that," the "Stitches" singer told SugarScape in September. "She's actually put in quite a lot of effort; I'm actually learning a lot with this app I use but she's actually told me a lot like things to say on stage."

Prior to the Shawn Mendes dating rumors, Camila Cabello dated Austin Mahone. She referred to the "Dirty Work" singer as her "first love." Mahone, on the other hand, apparently described their relationship as not a "real" one.

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