Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 5 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama And Genos Take The Hero Test

Courtesy of Viz Media, a new episode of "One Punch Man" is now streaming online. Episode five is entitled "The Ultimate Master," and is available to stream for free online using the links provided below.

Watch "One Punch Man" Episode 5 Here

This week's episode begins with a review board discussion about the upcoming hero test. It appears that all eyes from the board are on Genos.

That seems to be a mistake given that when tested in fitness, Saitama absolutely destroys the entire playing field. In particular, the punching machine is rendered useless once he's done with it. After the test, Saitama runs into Genos, and they discuss their results.

Genos gets 100 and is ranked S class. Saitama is ranked C class. They head to the next phase that involves an interview. Genos and Saitama are warned that now that they are heroes they have to be more aware of their personal images.

Saitama chews gum as though he doesn't care about the speech from the Class A hero.

At the end of the day, Genos is happy that they can be real heroes now. Specifically, Genos looks forward to being his actual apprentice. It is revealed that Saitama failed every portion of the test not related to the physical portion. Meanwhile, Genos scored perfectly on all portions.

Suddenly the Class A dude returns to fight Saitama. As you could probably guess, Saitama punches him and its over in seconds. The next day, Saitama and Genos discuss their possible hero names before beginning a practice bout.

Genos tries a ton of different moves, but none of it works against Saitama. The pair go to eat some udon. It appears the only thing Genos is better at than Saitama is eating tons of spicy udon. Amai Mask shows up to the restaurant as the Class A, Rank 1 hero.

Amai Mask came merely to welcome Genos into the hero organization. With his blessing, girls are already freaking out over him. Saitama is somewhat sad that he's still not famous.

Fans can also watch "One Punch Man" episode five here.



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