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'Little Big Planet 3' DLC Costume Pack Brings Disney Pixars' "The Good Dinosaur" In The Game

By Kristina Jacomina | November 25, 2015 10:22 PM EST


"Litte Big Planet 3" DLC brings a pre-historic reptile into the game. 

Playing little sack people may not seem exciting, but once they go on their wild adventures, the games is actually a whole lot of fun. If the game wasn't a success, it wouldn't be on it's third game installment already. While most of the gameplay is still the same as the previous two games, "Little Big Planet 3" introduces new characters to keep Sackboy company. There is the dog-like OddSock, the bird-like Swoop and Toggle.

In celebration of Disney Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur," IGN reported that  a "Little Big Planet 3" DLC released a new costume pack featuring the characters from the animated film. 

"The Good Dinosaur" is the latest animated film by Pixar and tells of a story set millions of years ago in a time when the asteroid, that was supposed to bring the extinction of the dinosaurs, just safely passes over earth.Arlo, a young dinosaur, gets separated from his family when a rough rainstorm washes the little dinosaur down the river where he ends up lost and miles away from home. He then meets Spot, a Neanderthal boy, who helps him find his family.

Gamers should note that all of the costumes can be purchased individually, with the exception of OddSock's Arlo costume. The Arlo outfit comes as a bonus when players avail of the "Little Big Planet 3" DLC costume pack. Also, that Sackboy's Pre-Historic asset pack is free on the Playstation Store to help set the pre-historic mood. It is a bumper collection of stickers, objects, costumes, a new background and decorations as well. 

"Little Big Planet 3" is a puzzle platformer video game where heavy emphasis is put on creation. Players have the ability to create their own levels, characters, objects and so much more. It can be a single player game and can have up to four players playing a level at one time. 

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