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Jimmy Fallon Injury News: Host Had Another Accident? Seen With A New Bandage On Hand!

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | December 10, 2015 10:06 PM EST


Jimmy Fallon was seen with a new bandage on his left hand on Monday on the "Tonight Show," which prompted questions on what injury news he has gotten himself again this time.

According to Last Night On, the host appeared on the "Tonight Show" wearing a lot of bandage on his left hand that was injured back in June. Before anyone could react though, the former "SNL" cast member clarified that the bandage was for a scheduled surgery and was not because of another mishap.

"I should say if you're watching, this is not a repeat," he explained to the audience and viewers as quoted by CNN Money. "This is a planned surgery. I didn't fall or anything."

The said surgery was meant to bring back the feeling on his ring and pinky fingers that were lost during the June accident.

"We'll see what happens in six months or whatever it takes for the nerves to come back, but [the bandage] will be here for another week," Jimmy Fallon further said about his injury news. "So just put up with me in bandages for one more week and then I won't do it again, I promise."

He first revealed the need for another surgery for the said injured finger back in September to Billboard.

In an interview with Bill Carter on Sirius XM a month later, the former "SNL" cast member also pointed out that his finger remained numb. Nevertheless, he still felt lucky as he was apparently one of those cases where his ripped off finger was still saved. Others don't have the same luck in most cases.

"It doesn't hurt," he told Cater then as quoted by The Wrap. "I don't feel it, is the problem. I don't feel my ring finger and I don't feel my pinky finger right now. My doctor said six months is when I'll probably get my feeling back."

"This is a resurrected finger," Jimmy Fallon also stated after all the injury news he underwent.

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